Poem: Moments

Today's prompt is 'books' and the poetic form, I thought to try today, is 'Diamante'. A diamante poem is a diamond shaped, 7 line poem. The poem begins with a subject and end to a different or opposite subject. Line 1 has one word, 2 has two words. Words increase by one word in every line till four. Then from the fifth line words decrease by one till the last line. 

The word format from line one: 1 noun, 2 adjectives, 3 gerunds, 4 nouns, 3 gerunds, 2 adjectives, 1 noun. Isn't it interesting?

Fictional, nonfictional
Caring, gripping, uplifting
Confessions, anecdotes, fantasies, poems
Easing, touching, stirring
Joyous, sad

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