Poem: Storms

Today is the twelfth day of our April poetry celebration. Thinking about a new theme and a poem on it is a challenge as well as a gratification. The theme of today's  poem is storms of life. Once again, a poem with full of optimism and self-motivation.  

The storms of life shall pass away and
You will be the victor
Today, tomorrow…
Or someday,
But these storms shall pass away,

Remember the days,
Whenever you met extremities in your life
Your Mind felt,
'This havoc will never end
This will never end.
I can't bear with these circumstances now
I can't survive now...
There’s no end to all this'
But you faced them
But you stood still.
And one day
Those storms ended completely.
Every odd that seemed so impossible to change slightly
Turned into a blessing.

Remember the days
When you refused to give up
You refused to surrender to the odds
You just continued to be 'you'
devoted to your purpose of life
Those storms left your life
This storm of life shall also pass away.

Those catastrophes were perennial
But where are those now?
You smile now remembering those painful days
This shall also pass.

Have the courage of your convictions
To walk your path.
Be patient...
This storm will also pass away.

See, your faith has become stronger,
You have become more determined 
For your goals.
Have faith,
You'll weather all the storms of life.

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