Micropoems: Heat Wave

Celebrating poetry by a poem-a-day has been nice so far. But, this year temperature is so high, it's a bit difficult to bear the summer heat. Some micropoems on summer experience this year.

Blistering Sun, 

Growing discomfort, 
Life's becoming difficult day by day, 
This summer heat wave.


Gave us some water
Tears in eyes 
For getting some water


The leaves get burnt

Lives become deaths
Scorching Sun looks so angry
Our source of life
Energy absorber today.


The heat wave

Taking lives
Why do we need to wait
Every year
To death toll to grow?
Why no protection?
Why no plan?


We destroyed forests,

We destroyed nature,
We harmed our beautiful planet,
And now our karma damaging our lives
With increasing temperature


Every life is important

Humans, animals, and birds
Make the summer bearable,
For poor and weaker.
Help each other.


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