Poem: Delicate Abusers

Today's poem is on the psychological and emotional abuse. This poem sketches the abuse, abusers and the effect of abuse on the victim by the metaphor of whiteflies attack on trees. 

Little beautiful white creatures
On a young leaf
Absorbed its smile.
The delicate cruel abusers 
On a young leaf
Absorbed its green life.

Image: Whiteflies on a green leaf

The delicate cruel abusers
On buds
Absorbed the bloom,
The buds dreaming of bloom
The bloom breathing 
To meet the world eagerly,
Everything absorbed.

Image:Whiteflies destroying hibiscus buds

Nobody noticed
How the beautiful bloom
Didn't never bloom;
How it weakened slowly 
Till its death.
Oh... the death of the unborn,
The death of the unborn dreams,
The death of a life without being born. 
How would anybody notice?

Image: Whiteflies' attack on Hibiscus leaves and buds

The delicate abusers were absorbing the life of buds and leaves.
They were cute,
Yes, the cute abusers!
They weren't noticeable,
They weren't recognizable.
They were quietly sucking the life,
Every day,
Every moment.
Every moment,
Silently they were enjoying exploiting the victim's life,
They were enjoying absorbing the unborn dreams.
Nobody noticed,
Nobody realized,
Nobody saw the crime. 
A big tree full of flowers and green smiling leaves
Was Shrinking slowly
Slowly towards a silent death
Every day!

Green leaves turning yellow at their young age
Lost all the dreams and hope...

Image: Green leaf turned yellow by whiteflies' attack

The delicate abusers were 
With more families of new delicate abusers,
One day the whole tree turned white,
The Snowy White.

Image: Whiteflies Close View

It was beautiful....
The tree was no longer a tree
They were all delicate abusers
The whiteflies
No leaves,
No buds,
No flowers,
No dreams,
No life....
Only delicate abusers!
The flowers who never born,
The story nobody knew
The love which never bloomed!
The love wasn't allowed bloom.
Delicate abusers 
Absorbed everything.
Nobody saw it,
Nobody noticed it.
Nobody knew there would be a life here
The blooming life of beautiful, loving buds,
They had every right to live,
They had every right to love,
And to be loved.
They had every right to enjoy their lives.
Nobody knew....
Abusers didn't allow them to take birth....
Those who were born
Delicate cute 
Abusers didn't allow them 
To speak,
To live them

The attack of whiteflies on my hibiscus has destroyed the bloom and branches. It's heartbreaking to see how the flowers do not bloom after this attack. We tried a homemade insecticide and that has brought some control to the whiteflies. But, still attack of new whiteflies every day hasn't stopped completely yet. The situation is quite similar to the psychological abuse where the abusers play the victim and the life of the victim is ruined, but nobody notices the slow, psychologically dangerous destruction of the victim. Many people around the victim knowingly or unknowingly join the abusers to harm the life of the victim. That's a vicious circle the victim or the scapegoat has to face in their life. 

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