Poem: The World of Shriram

Today is the eightth day of the Chaitra Navratri festival. Tomorrow will be Shriramnavmi. Today's poem is dedicated to  Lord Shriram. 

Some years back, I had visited Gondavle, the spiritual place of Lord Shrirama’s devotee great sant, Shri Brahmachaitanya Gondavlekar Maharaj. Remembering those tranquil moments I spent for two days, in this poem. The best rule there, in the Lord Krishna temple, was everybody should observe silence and chant Shriram's name. 

Image: Pattabhishit Lord Shriram Temple, Dhule
This image is from Shriram  Temple, Dhule

Penned down the pain of missing those days...

missing those days
when I forgot myself in you, Shriram

missing those precious moments
when I had forgotten this world,
when I was living in your world

missing those peaceful days
when I could chant your name
for days and nights!
and nobody would torture me for that 

missing those days
when I was in Gondavle

missing those nights
when I could sleep effortlessly
melting in the divine aura of you, Shriram!

missing those calm moments
when I didn’t know this word, ‘worries’
as I was in the safe zone of you, Shriram!

missing that cool summer
when your name’s magic
never allowed any pain to reach me

I know you are here, 
with me, within my heart
still missing peaceful Gondavle
missing you, Shriram!

give me my old days back
safe from this worldly chaos
where only the peace prevails

can’t find you in temples
where crowds and gossips
don’t allow me to even look at you

can’t find you in festivals and rituals
where show off is the only devotion

want to discover you again in my heart
want to meet you again
come to meet me in Dhyana

I don't know rituals,
I don't know Pujas, mantras
I don't know devotion
I don't know the faith

I know love
your love and your friendship
come to meet me!
want to discover you within myself
in my poems
in my tears
in my breaths 
please, Sriram!

Bhaktiyoga Sadhana:

Bhaktiyoga Sadhaks experience two opposite phases in their
lives during the Sadhana. First is Viyog or Virah when the Bhakta miss their Bhagwanji and in the other phase, the phase of supreme love, Bhakta discovers beloved Bhagwanji, in their heart. The Mahayoga Sadhana gives different experiences, experiences can be from Bhaktiyoga also, if the Sadhak is devoted toward the path of Bhakti. Bhakta loves Dvaita Bhakti, so they talk with their beloved Bhagwanji. This poem is about Virah.

What I personally believe is that no experience, or feeling is
destiny of Sadhana path, Sadhana never ends! Goswami Tulsidasji have written in Shriramcharitmanas,'Sadhana-Siddhi Ram pag nehu'. Sadhana is love for Ram and Siddhi the result of Sadhana is also Love for Him. How beautiful! How sweet! 

So, what is most important is walking the Sadhana path wih patience and devotion, and He will keep blessing us.

Having said that, for me, Bhakti is beyond my level of understanding and practicing, honestly! 

The glory of Bhakti - the devotion is that I can confess to Bhagwanji, I don't want to go to temple, I can't perform Poojas and you should come to meet me. Dharma is for this freedom.

For me, Shriram or Krishna is my friend, my dearest friend.  :-)

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