Blessings of Sadgurudeva - 300th Flower of Narayankripa Blogging Journey

Today is a very special day for Narayankripa, we have reached to 300 th post. We are traveling this journey with the Poems and articles of divinity, spirituality, love, friendship, shades of the human mind, Advait philosophy and Bhaktiyoga…writing all this for more than past four years, we are here today. 

And... I am feeling like this is just the beginning of a lifelong journey. A journey of happiness, a quest for peace, small efforts for Universal Brotherhood by Mahayoga, a journey toward self-realization and the realization of Advaita and Abheda – This is just the beginning!

Can I reach there?…

Yes, I can, if you will be with me, just like you were always!

The realization that this is just the beginning is itself the self-

I began to write the memories of my beloved Gurudeva H. H. Shri. Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj for today’s post, but it’s a Gurukripa again, I have a short poem again…

Poem: Blessings of Sadgurudeva:

Image: H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj

the Gurukripa blessed me and
my fingers started writing
the song heart was singing
it’s not the ‘Aham’
not even my faith
it’s not my talent
and not my efforts
it’s all just Gurukripa
blessings, blessings and the blessings of my Sadgurudeva!

the ups and downs
the threats, the sorrows and tears,
nothing could stop me
nothing can stop me…
how this magic has happened
how is this happening…
it’s all Gurukripa
Blessings, blessings and the blessings of my Sadgurudeva!

those blessings are the poems, my words, my heart
those blessings are my friends, yes! ‘You’
those blessings are the peace…
those blessings are Gurukripa
Blessings, blessings and blessings of my Sadgurudeva

Golden Memories of Narayankaka Maharaj:

I am so happy today. I wish I could show this 300th post to my Gurudeva and wish He would bestow His blessings again with His divine smile. I really wish this should have happened!

He once said that Sadguru is a Tattva and not material body. I know, my thinking, my grief after His departure is Agyana and I shouldn’t be so silly, but I miss blissful words of Gurudeva today!

He always respected the individuality of everybody, which is very difficult for many people, He never forced any thought; never tried to change the faiths of the people. The people who disagreed with Him and Mahayoga also used to respect Him.

I am so divinely blessed that I met the Great Sudguru like Narayankaka Maharaj, a true Sadguru who could answer my questions and give the Advait Gyana by His Kripa- His blessings.

I used to argue with Him. He never felt insulted, He never reacted angrily, never avoided my questions, as He really knew what Advaita is, he could understand the feelings of a Mumukshu! Sometimes, I feel guilty for being so rude, but He was like a mother for His disciples, for me and I was honest about asking the spiritual questions I was not convinced about. I haven't seen many spiritual leaders who can tolerate and reply respectfully if women ask tough philosophical questions. 

Unfortunately, most of us, our egos and our blind beliefs don't allow women to grow as an individual, as a human, as a spiritual seeker! Kakamaharaj was an exception to this cruel attitude. He was a real Sadguru, for whom, a disciple's Moksha - Kalyan, spiritual growth was His responsibility and was of supreme importance.

I couldn’t agree with some of His thoughts and that was perfectly fine for Him. Sadgurudeva showed this world that Sadguru is for freedom. Moksha – Mukti is freedom. If Sadguru makes their followers blind and dependent on Sadguru then they are not true Sadguru.

He didn’t spend time in daily discourses, always emphasized 
individual Sadhana. His values and devotion for Sadhana was so high that He didn’t even like if we would spend time for His Darshana  instead of Sadhana. I couldn’t meet Him 2-3 years before he left all of us and when He left I didn’t go to Mahayoga Ashram, haven’t gone there till today.

Gurudeva used to tell all of us that make own home sacred like Aashram, no need to go anywhere, no need to ask questions frequently, keep the dedication to daily one hour Sadhana. He used to teach that Sadhana is more important than meeting Him.

Image: H. H. Shri Narayankaka Maharaj

All the Kripa of Maa Bhagawati, Maa Kundalini is in The Sadhana. In today’s world, where self-promotion and self-glorification, even narcissism isn’t believed to be wrong, Sadgurudeva was like an old Maharshi – Mahayogi who never encouraged His own worship. In fact, whenever He noticed the slightest effort of making Him, The God, He rejected it strongly.  

Generally, what we see today is, spiritual Gurus and their disciples create Godly image of the spiritual leader which I believe, is unacceptable. My Gurudeva lived like an ordinary person, just like one of us, He could understand our struggles and problems, never behaved with the supremacy of being a Sadguru or the God. His humility and moral values are an inspiration for me that if we wish we can live with our ideal principles. Our principles make us strong and compromise with them is not at all necessary for the success.

If I become able to help one or two people every day, to make them feel this life peaceful and happy, I think my life will be a success.

A true Sadguru liberates Shishya from all the KarmaBandhans and my Gurudeva – His Gurukripa did so. Guru – Shishya relation cannot be defined in the material words. It’s a different level. Guru and Shishya are both for a journey of Gyana and Sadhana, Guru is the guiding light even if they are physically not present with the Shishya, they are there to guide, they are present in the form of Sadhana. They never leave the disciple.

I believe, a person who has not attained the highest spiritual level to live beyond all the differences of gender, age, religion, countries, races, and can't treat everybody equally, can’t become a Sadguru. Their desires and biases can become a reason for their own failure and they can misguide or misuse the faith of the disciples also.

For my Sadgurudeva everybody in this was the form of The God, the Chaitanya!  He didn’t preach humanity and equality; He lived them. He lived for the Universal brotherhood by Mahayoga. Even when His health was in the worst condition, in His last days, He traveled to spread the message of Universal Brotherhood.

I always pray to Him, I may become able to live up to the 
highest moral values he lived.

O Dearest Gurudeva! I pray today, May my poems bloom like these flowers with purity and serenity of love! Koti Koti Pranam to you Gurudeva! 

I don’t think that I would be able to write without His 
motivation and then I wouldn’t be able to meet you all wonderful friends.

Friends have made this journey so beautiful!

You, your support, your encouragement, your motivation and unconditional love have made this blogging journey so beautiful! 

I wish, in this journey of peace, may we be together 

Saying thanks to you, friends, is not enough and so……..

I can just ask…

Will you be with me in the future to spread the message of love and peace? 

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