When I Enjoyed Childhood Again...

It’s a sweet story. Last week I participated in a pilot project by wikihow. For this project, I needed to verify origami toys by creating them. 

When I got the opportunity to enjoy all the fun I missed in childhood, I immediately started working on it. Also, I tell you origami art is a great stress buster. I absolutely forgot that political analysis and chaos which I love all the time. 

This project was a trip down the memory lane of childhood, 'woh kagaj ki kashti woh, barish ka pani.'

Learning something new is refreshing. The child-like happiness I enjoyed, creating origami toys one after another is, beyond words.  

Life is easy if we believe so and try to make it so….! 

Thought to share some of the creations with you, friends!

Image: Origami Creations


  1. Wow! I am SO impressed! Love these creative art works by you!!


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