Conflicts of Frames

Relationships sometimes become a puzzle. Though conflicts are the part of all relationships, if not resolved when they begin they may become serious. Sometimes conflicts begin without any serious reason, but the problems in the relationships become serious. Are the relationships complicated? or the people? or the human mind?

Our ego creates a frame for the life. We can’t imagine life beyond it. We control our mind and try to fix it in the frame we have imagined or learnt from our ideal or society. The mind has wonderful powers and it is always keen to achieve the impossible. If we conquer the mind, we can realize and experience its powers. But we are taught to live a life in a frame which we shouldn't even think to break. The extreme fear of  breaking religious faiths, fear of breaking the traditions, fear of thinking beyond what we have read from many important, unimportant books all this makes our borders for the  life stronger and stronger. Everybody has their own frame and it's possible that the other person is not in the frame which we have set to see and only within which we have firmly decided to live the life. They have their own frame about life or some may try reach the Mukti beyond the frames. These frames and the borders are the Bandhans. 

When we see something beyond the frame we have, it’s actually the opportunity for us to break the frame and experience a new world. It’s not necessary that we should become the part of others’ frames. But we can surely understand each others thoughts and vision. But many of us dont use this opportunity. We are scared of breaking the cage of our own thoughts. We dont want to confess our fear of becoming free. So, to satisfy the ego or to make the borders of the frame strong we try to fit others in our frame, if that happens ego is satisfied, we are happy.  Then the slightest chance of conflicts is also not possible, because we have changed somebody...and stopped them from experience the life of their dreams!

But wait.. what we have lost? The opportunity to become free, the opportunity to break the imaginary frame. We have tightened the Bandhans around us. When egos from both sides become strong, people try to mold each other in their own frames, clashes increase and relations break. No! It shouldn't happen. We should understand, there is something beyond my frame, there is something beyond the frame of my ideal, there is even something beyond all this and that is the complete freedom. But how this will be achieved? ....

Thats the reason, so many Aadhyatmic Paths are created, Sadhanas are created.:) 

When we will try to go beyond the frames and dont force others to mold in our frame... will be the easiest.  


  1. Beautifully written with a deep understanding :)

  2. Thanks dear..:) Happy you liked it.

  3. Very thoughtful perspective, dear Mohini. I have to confess, I am a lot like that too. I agree with what you say, being true to yourself is very important if one has to grow or seek advancement in life. If we respect our own self, we also tend to respect others more. Which ultimately dissolves our ego and leads to healthy relationships. Life is all about learning how to live it and make a good meaning out of it eventually, I guess. Feels like I am reading you after ages, and I feel so good. :) I have to read this again, so beautifully written, made an impact on me.

  4. Thanks dear. I am so happy to see your vision. :) Sorry, for the late reply. :(.

  5. I try to keep it simple so when complications hit me they die..

  6. Welcome Beyond to Narayankripa. Thanks for the wonderful thought.