GovatsaDwadashi - The Cow Worship Day

Deepawali celebration has begun and not only Bharat but the whole world is going share, spread and celebrate the light of Indian Culture. 


Today is GovatsaDwadashi, which is the worship day of cows and calves. Go means cow and Vatsa means child in Sanskrit  Today Indian women worship cows and calves, they have nirajan for cows and give the Naivedya of Bhakari and Sabji, cows are worshiped like the Bhagwan. 

Many communities hate these traditions of Bharateeya Culture which worship animal like cows or rivers like the Ganga. Today, I am not going to write the scientific explanation about such traditions, because giving explanations about our culture, about our traditions shows the lack of love and trust about the traditions we are following. As the posts, articles spreading every Bharateeya festival as superstition or unnecessary are shared like flood during festivals, I have some questions to all those intellectuals writing such articles. Just imagine an example, do you find any superstition in celebration New Year according to Gregorian Calender or while celebrating Christmas, so my request to all those brothers and sisters who feel the Deepawali as painful is please be liberal and enjoy, spread the goodness, respect and love in the world. Deepawali is the most beautiful festival in whole year, can we keep logic, the doubts, the superstition concern away at least for these blessed four days? 

So, let's experience some beautiful moments from today's celebration.  

Unforgettable Moments with Sacred Cow Worship:

I was searching for the real photos of cows and her little kid today. The sad story of Bharat - the country who worships cows is that I couldn't find them easily. After long search, I saw some women returning after the Pooja of cow and I went in that direction, finally the Mother cow and her little Bhachada allowed me to take some images of them, here are they. The good thing is that away from this intellectual online world, the women who don't know anything about propaganda going on here, are happily worshiping cows, doing their Pradakshina and really enjoying every festive day. I also did Pranama to them, though I couldn't have Pooja Samagri with me. But I was happy taking pics of cows and, I think, cows were happy too.

The True Worship of Cow: Boycott Leather Products-

Worshiping cow with the Nirajan and rituals gives really deep divine peace. But this worship should not be just for the one day, it should forever. Though we believe cow is sacred, many of us use leather products proudly, slaughter houses in Bharat are increasing and many are illegal too. Cow slaughter is encouraged in many religious festivals also. Oppose such activities, expose the illegal cow slaughter and save cows. Please boycott leather products, also boycott cosmetics which use animal ingredients or test on animals. 

See the love of a mother in the eyes of a cow and you'll hate the leather products. Also, as a part of worship of cows don't forget to help or donate to organizations for cows. 

I hope you also have worshiped the cows today and you must have experienced the divine feeling of worship sacred mother cow. Once again, Happy GoVatsaDwadashi and Happy Deepawali too...enjoy with the peace and of course lights...:)