Tears Become Pearls

Some pearls about the pain of missing the dearest friend...

tears become
pearls of the poems
missing you

Many of my poems have a dark sad shadow, my good friends always ask me the reason for it. One thing I have realized in life is we can't express the pain which we haven't experienced and once we know and feel the depth of the grief, live our days and nights in the grief and when we start living life again, we start realizing pains of others too. So, at the beginning I used to write the poems, articles about my feelings, thoughts and experiences in life. Now, when I see, notice something touchy, mainly sad, I can write and express that pain also as if it was mine. So, just wish to tell my caring friends, sad poems do not mean that I am sad. That's only the expression about a feeling. 

The above Haiku / Senryu expresses the pain of missing the dearest person in life. When we miss somebody tears don't stop and the extreme grief turns sometimes into something constructive or sometimes into depression destroying life. Life can never be of one shade, or just what we desire always. Sometimes what we desire can be wrong. Separation gives the grief but when that grief is converted into something positive, that tears also can become precious pearls of poems. 

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  1. Touchy post...and I agree to what you said above.
    Happy to read you Mohu after a long time. Waiting for many more posts full of wisdom and thoughtful posts :)
    Lots of Love and Best wishes~
    Simu :)

  2. Hey dear...that's such a sweet thought..:) happy to see your sweet words..:)