Shri Ganesha Dhyana Darshana

प्रणम्य शिरसा देवं गौरीपुत्रं विनायकम् |
भक्तावासं स्मरेन्नित्यं आयुः कामार्थसिद्धये ||

Pranamya Shirasā Devam
Gaurīputram Vināyakam |
Bhaktāvāsam Smarennityam
Āyouh Kāmārtha Siddhaye  || 

This prayer means : Bowing with the head to Bhagwan Vinayak, Gauriputra- son of Ma Parvati, I remember Lord Ganesha - the Bhagwan residing in the hearts of devotees every moment for the long life, and fulfillment of my desires.

Image: Lord Ganesh Murti

Welcome Lord Ganesha- Ganapati Bappa Moraya:

Every home  in Bharat (India) and now many homes in the world are very happy today. One special guest is going to arrive in every home today, the guest is only one, but as He is beloved by everyone and every home, He is going to arrive in all the homes on the same day.....'s Ganesh Chaturthi today and our beloved Bhagwan Ganapati, Lord  Ganesha, Ganapati Bappa is going to visit every home today. He will here with us for ten days till Ananta Chaturdashi. 

Today, everybody is busy in preparations to welcome Ganesha with most enthusiastic celebrations. Not just a great welcome, but every home wishes to make the best possible decoration, mandaps, so the Ganesha will be the happiest in their home for the ten days. Ladies are busy in preparing favourite dishes of favourite guest, like Modaks, Karanjis, Laddus and Ganapati is also 'the happiest' today, because Bharata has different styles of celebrations in different states with different sweet dishes to worship the Bhagwan. 

This blog, Narayankripa is a home of peace and a temple of Bhagwan's blessings. Our beloved Ganapati has arrived here also to listen to our prayers and to bless us with the joyous moments - which we are searching always by running and working restlessly.

Yesterday, when I was thinking what to write to celebrate the arrival of Lord Ganesha with all of you, my mind gave me the answer which was like a blank paper. I thought, it's not possible to write poem, not even article, what to do now. I asked my brother Dnyanesh to suggest something to write. And as always, he gave me something the best. He gave me a picture of Lord Ganesha which was actually printed on a box of Kaju Modak. He said, "This pic is very rare and very divine, this may give you some idea." 

Then, I was looking at the picture and was trying to experience the divinity, the peaceful Darshana. This some moments of Darshana gave me the realization about how Lord Ganesha, blesses all of us, how His worship can become the experience of Jeevan Mukti....

...and heart sung this dedication to Dearest Bhagwan Ganapati Bappa....

Poem Dedicated to Lord Ganapati:

The pic with original creator's name which made me write this prayer

when we pray You Lord Ganesha!
in every new beginning
You always give us success
we never know the defeat

when we pray You Lord Vinayaka!
for wisdom and knowledge
You enlighten our hearts and brains
with the BrahmaGyanBhaktiYoga

When we pray You Lord Ganapati!
for the virtues,
You purify our hearts
and brighten our lives
with bliss

When we pray You Lord Vighnaharta!
for the success in our Sankalpa
You destroy all the obstacles
and bless us with shining Victory

Now, we pray You Lord VighnaVinashaka!
destroy the enemies of this country
give us the courage and strength
to make our Bharatbhoomi
better than the heaven - Swarga.

Last lines of the prayer are in the context of internal and border security of the country, Chinese troops, terrorism etc. (Nothing new to write about all this.)

Natural Process of Ganesh - Dhyana:

Now, coming back to spirituality, some of you may think that am I spreading superstition or what kind of belief is this that I looked at Lord Ganesha picture and wrote a poem. What I am trying to share is the process of Dhyana, what I have understood so far in my life. It has nothing to do with the beliefs and superstitions. What I learnt from many books is Dhyana is something very difficult and we have to do some processes to learn it, then practice it. Or Dhyna is something like concentration. 

I was thinking about Lord Ganesha and at the same time I had the Darshana of Lord  Ganesha too. Due to the divinity in the Darshana, my mind just melted naturally in the Swaroop of Bhagwan Ganapati and I felt blessed and realized his greatness. I think, this is the true Dhyana, because here mind dissolved naturally in the object about which I was thinking, which is called as Dhyeya. When we force our mind to focus on something, mostly by imagination, it becomes concentration. When mind naturally stops its storm of thoughts because it has experienced, seen, heard or felt something more powerful than the uncontrollable strength of mind, somewhere the concentration happens naturally. But the Aham - or ego vanishes here, e.g. 'I' am taking the Darshana vanishes for some momets and what remains is the Darshana itself only. Then I think is the experience of Dhyana, naturally. By this explanation I don't mean to prove other methods and process of Dhyana as wrong at all. But I just wish to share, why the Bhava - the feelings come from the heart and how the spiritual growth thus takes place by natural devotion without strengthening the ego. In the next stage of spirituality, as per Bharateeya spiritual concepts when the Dhyana, Dheya  and the Dhyata become one...there is the Samadhi and I won't even say this as experience because, Samadhi is supreme state. I am sure, in the next ten days, our beloved Bhagwan Vinayak will make us forget the ego and will take our mind in complete devotion - in his Dhyana. 

So, with the delightful celebrations, without ugly and vulgar songs, with complete divinity and patriotism...let's celebrate the GaneshaUtsava - Ganesha Festival. 

Wishing you all
Shubh - Divya and Devotional
Ganesh Utsav

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