Lord Krishna - My Life

Hathi ghoda palkhi
Jai Kanhaiyalal ki...

Reading above words your hearts must be filled with a joy of Janmashtami. Yes! Today is Janmashtami the special day when our beloved Lord Krishna arrived on this earth taking the human form to spread the love on this earth by His flute. Only He can spread the Love and we can only follow Him, we can only experience His love as He is the complete Love. 

He has the magic in His name to soothe all the pains,
He has the magic in His eyes to make us mad in love,


this magic makes us celebrate His birth like mad on Janmashtami....

Today, at 12 midnight we will be celebrating the Janmotsav, the Janmshtami Festival......

till that divine moment, we will be waiting and feeling like....

alive only to
meet you 'forever'; you are 
my life - my Krishna

So..wishing you all dearest brothers and sisters, most divine Janmashtami today. 

May Lord Krishna shower His love upon all of us 'always'...

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  1. Yes, Mohini. Reading all above words, my heart has filled with joy. I cannot think of anyone better than you to spread the joy of this festival in the most happiest way. His eyes are mesmerising and so are your words, dear. May Lord Krishna keep his guiding hand and eternal love on all of us always. "Jai Shri Krishna" :)

  2. Thanks Arti..for the beautiful words. This is the beautiful coinicidance again we are together online at the same time celebrating Janmashtami. Very Happy to see your words here..:) Jai Shri Krishna...what a wonderful day today indeed!

  3. Hari Om! Om Sree Narayana Paramatmane Naman! Wish you all the best!

  4. Hari Om..Jai Shri Krishna...:) Thank you Sajeev Menonji, thanks for the visit and wishes..:)


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