Freedom from Cage of Thoughts

Today's poem is very close to my heart and is dedicated to Mahayoga Sadhana path. Sometimes we get trapped in our own thoughts, this problem bothers much in spiritual Sadhana and but this poem shares what happens when enlightening state occurs naturally giving freedom from the cage of thoughts  ...

I was in the cage
cage created by my own thoughts
I was in the prison
walls built by my own thoughts
I was trapped
and I know
you are also trapped
in the trap of thoughts
thoughts have no end
but the trap is small
this cage is small
this cage is suffocating
limiting the beautiful life
this jail is small
life path becomes narrower in this cage
and the prison walls become stronger
success doors look closed
and the prison walls look taller
I wish to be free
I wish to fly
I wish to smile
I wish to live without fear
I wish to break this cage
I wish to break these walls
I fight with the thoughts
and they become stronger
the success path becomes narrower
I try to control them
and they defeat me with their full strength
I fight to win but
the trap becomes more painful
one moment comes
‘I sit tired’
eyes get closed
one voice comes to save me
from this inner war
light enters the strong walls
sunrays enter the cage
a sweet voice comes
to save from painful trap
it’s neither God nor angel
it’s neither human nor animal
it’s the voice of my own breathing
calm, silent, peaceful natural breathing
no forcing – no disturbance
only the natural breathing
eyes get opened
thoughts are already melted 

During Mahayoga Sadhana or while practicing introductory Mahayoga what we have to do is do nothing. Sit calm and watch the natural breathing! The thoughts melt in the breathing and peace is discovered from within. This happens naturally. I always had the question that how to control the thoughts. More and more we fight with the thoughts they become stronger and we get defeated by our own thoughts. Thoughts shouldn't be controlled, let them come and go. They don't bother when we observe the natural breathing without controlling it. Thoughts start vanishing, melting...what remains is only the peace. This practice daily brings the real peace in life. While fighting with the problems and tensions of life, we need the courage and strength. We can't avoid or defeat every problem, we have to face it. But if the mind is calm, the courage comes from inside, making mind stable from outside efforts is very difficult. But when we surrender the mind during Mahayoga practice, it vanishes. This practice for some minutes daily can change the complete life.

This poem is like an achievement for life for me, because writing such poem is not possible without Gurukripa or Narayankripa. I am feeling really blessed after writing this poem, as now I have the answers of my own questions and the freedom from the cage of thoughts which was there in my mind.  A poem similar to this poem was Salvation. These two poems have revealed the secrets of spirituality in poetry by the grace of Mother Goddess. 

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  1. anjali ajit gadreJune 2, 2013 at 8:52 PM

    very sweet and nice poem !

  2. Thro this poem I see inside of your lovely and peaceful heart .....
    Heart warming ..and makes one young and vibrant...
    lovely as Mohini...

  3. Welcome Ms Anjalijjee to Narayankripa. Thank you for your comment..:) Nice to see you here..:)

  4. Thank you Narayananjee. I am happy, you loved the poem..:). Thanks for the beautiful thoughts here...:)