Summer Rain

April the Poetry Month is going on but due to summer heat, I was not able to write anything. Today, something happened that made my mind calm and happy and a sweet haiku is born again, let's see what is it.

I am sure you will love it...

scorching sun
covered by dark clouds
summer rain

So, it's about the rain in the summer. You can imagine the feeling when scorching sun is suddenly covered  by  dark clouds and all the heat and pain due to summer suddenly vanish in the beautiful rain. Such Summer rain is most beautiful in all seasons.

Happy poetry writing. 


  1. Beautiful beautiful haiku Mohini, you said it right - Such untimely rains that take away all our pains and heat are the sweetest. Welcome back dear poetess, long time... how are you? :-)

  2. Thanks Arti..:). I am fine..when there is such untimely rain..:)...Very hot summer here...