Poetry Beyond The Words

Haiku on Mahayoga Introductory Practice : 

P. P. Sadguru Shri Narayankaka Maharaj has explained the importance of Mahayoga and introductory practice of Mahayoga for everybody. 

A Haiku dedicated to Introductory Mahayoga Trial and my love for poetry : 

the eyes are closed
experiencing wordless
poem in breathing 

We write poetry not just an art but every poem is the expression heart and the emotions beyond words. A great poet always bring these emotions within the words. But how to write a poetry when the experience is beyond all the emotions? A song, a poetry goes on inside but it is beyond all the words and languages. It's the natural rhythm of the life by the natural breathing which is the divine gift to all of us. Without breathing we will not be able to live and to expereince the emotions. 

This haiku is the expression of that discovery of the poem which is created by the Almighty in the form of our breathing.  

Mahayoga Introductory Practice: 

Mahayoga introductory trial is very easy and extremely simple and everybody can practice and expereince this poetry beyond the words every day.

Just sit relax; 

Close your eyes;


Observe the natural breathing for some minutes;

You may extend the time if you love this practice. 

When we start observing the natural breathing, (it is very important. Controlling of the Prana - Breathing - Pranayama should not be done. We should just observe the natural breathing.), our thoughts melt and we discover the peace and unending joy which we all are searching in the world. 

Isn't this the Poetry Beyond the Words?

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