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Dearest friends, Namaste!
You might be remembering last year I told you about my dream to make PowerPoint slides on Bloggers. You all have cooperated me.  This ppt I wished to create basically, for the first blogoversary of Gurukripa. I wished to thank you all for your love and all the encouragement, with a unique way.  I apologize for such a big late.

Unfortunately on the third July last year, just one day before the first blogoversary, I had some serious problem in my life, I was under stress and I had sudden hypertension around 180.  The PPT was almost complete that time, but due to stress, somewhere I lost the creativity or lost the hope or joy doing that.

Later, my political activism started and I couldn’t manage to complete about this unfulfilled dream. I used to remember this every day, but I think the stress was so overwhelming, that I could not work properly on this.

Today I am so happy to present this beautiful creation, which is the expression of love of you and for you, expression for the love of blogging, our passion of blogging.

Here, I have included the friends, whose photos were with me, also whose blogs I used to read frequently.  So, I could make a catchy line to describe blogs of all of you. During the past year my blogging family is so extended that now, a ppt will not be enough to express the love for all of you. I hope, Lord Krishna will give me some creative idea to come up with a new surprise.

From the time, I am active in politics, I can’t visit blogs of all of you, though I wish and miss a lot. 
Also, during this blogging life, I met lot of wonderful friends on Facebook, who have guided helped me a lot to understand more about different religions, our culture and so many things in depth.  I can’t just mention how much I have learnt from all of them.  I don’t understand how to express what I feel.
So…I wish to come up with something new and different to express everything what I feel, for all of you.

Now, you must be excited a lot…..just check out. 

World of Blogging

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And yes, thank you so much for sharing your nice nice pics. 

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PS:  Some blogs’ URLs, are changed, I have taken care to add the new link of your blog, still if you find any mistake, please let me know. And any other mistake, unintentional, if you find, please convey me. Thank you so much.


  1.  very nice video...loved it a lot :) thank u so much mohi :)
    and very proud to be a part of it :)

  2. Wow!
    This is so beautiful and cute you :)
    Making all of us unite ...a family!

    Much love and wishes!

  3. Thank you Sanjeetha..:)

  4. Thanks Geeta..:) 

  5. Thanks Mohinee ji, amazing slide prepared. Thanks for the honor,

  6. Sorry to know about your depression problem. Hope ,every thing is fine now. Now you are back with a bang with this video presentation. As the saying goes " Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai".
    Good luck & take care of health.

  7. Wow! I have no words for your creativity, Mohinee. This feels like your beautiful movie on friendship... your dream... Thank you for making me a part of your wonderful family.. I feel highly honored! :) The last few sequences gave me goosebumps... wonderful dear, very very nice!!!  :)

  8. Thanks for the honor....making us as a family...proud to be a part of this family....wish you best of luck for the all coming years...:)


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