'Simran' - My Dearest Sister

Today is the birthday of my dearest little sister Simran, whose love is beyond words.  We all know her by her beautiful blog, My friendship and the Bond of Amity -My friendship. She is studying, talented and brilliant in her studies, still she manages beautifully and successfully her blog and Facebook page, visits blogs of friends ..a shining star in the world of Friendship….
Let’s wish her and know her more with these words…

She is very innocent
Yet so matured
She is a little doll
Yet so understanding
She is studying and learning,
And so inspiring….
She is my little Sister,
My dearest Simran.

A song for you my dearest sweetest angel…

It’s your birthday
Not just another day
The day when this angel
Has come on the earth
With the sweetness
Of innocence and divinity
Just like your divine name
The holy name ‘Simran’
It’s your birthday
Not just another day

Today is your song
The song of our friendship
Which has made our lives beautiful
It’s your birthday
Not just another day

Whenever I am sad and hurt
You appear like a ‘Pari’
With your magic wand
You make me smile
Your sweet voice tells me
The meaning of a sister’s love
It’s your birthday
Not just another day

When I talk with you
I meet the ‘Parmeshwar’
Who purifies my heart
When I listen your
Sweet sweet
Innocent innocent
But very matured lovely thoughts
I realize the meaning of life,
The beauty of the life.
It’s your birthday
Not just another day

When you call me ‘Mohu’
With your sweetest voice like Cuckoo
I feel the freedom from all the tensions
Like a bird with wide wings of hope and success
Flying in the sky
It’s your birthday
Not just another day

You are not just sister
But an eternal friend
You are not just friend
But I found the ‘Param Ishwar’
In ‘You’
It’s your birthday
Not just another day
May it be the happiest one,
May you blessed by all the success of your dreams
May you be loved by all…

I am blessed to have you in my life my dearest dearest little Sister.

I will never forget the day, you came to Gurukripa and we met by ‘Gurukripa’ our Bond of Amity has become the ‘Eternal Friendship’

What gift can I give you,
You are the best gift to my life and
To the world of friendship.
Happiest and Blessed Birthday
May Lord Krishna always Bless You.


  1. Happy Birthday Simran...GOD bless you... :)

    A beautiful composition Mohinee...tc... :)

  2. Mohuuuuu :)
    I have no words to express my happiness...
    Your words are my treasure ... Made my day ...:)

    Blessed to have such a loving sister as you :)
    Happyyyyyyy :)

    Thank you so much!!!

  3. Mohinee

    That was beautiful creation... Loved it so much.. "It's not just another day; It is our Little angels birthday.." Happy Birthday Little One..!

  4. Its everyone day connected to me... 
    Thank you so much Special One :)

  5. Thanks Sarab! :D


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