Bliss By Mahayoga

My life is blessed by the spiritual path of Mahayoga. My Sadgurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj, has told very simple introductory practices of Mahayoga, in which we sit relaxed by closing eyes and observe natural breathing daily for some minutes.  If you observe your natural breathing, for some minutes, you will find that all the thoughts, doubts and questions in the breathing, and you will feel the bliss, instantly. The thoughts going on in the mind make us restless, but as we are used to it, we never notice. But if we feel a moment or two without thoughts, we really experience the true rest from within.  The daily practice, changes the life completely.

thoughts, doubts in the mind
melt in natural breathing
bliss by Mahayoga

Also, the spiritual concepts like Mahayoga, can’t be expressed by replacing any English word, so in some cases, the original Sanskrit words are written.

English will be rich, by the addition of Indian Philosophical Sanskrit words, as they are.

Global Mahayoga Trial is on 24th April 2012, you can find the detailed info Here : Spiritual Prosperity and Global Trial for Everybody . We all sit to observe natural breathing for the given time, around 18 mins at the same given time globally. This brings the experience of Universal Brotherhood to spread the peace in individual and social life.

Also, Global Mahayoga Meet is on 1st, 2nd and 3rd May 2012, people from 25 countries have registered so far,  be the part of this biggest event on Mahayoga. You can register here, Mahayoga Global Meet 2012

Haiku for Haiku Heights on prompt : Doubt


  1. Happy for you on your path. Nice haiku dedication to that.

  2. This is a very spontaneous one. Appreciate it totally!:) 

  3. Magical Mystical TeacherApril 5, 2012 at 7:19 AM

    I've never been a good breather. Maybe that's why I doubt so much!

    Cactus Did Not Doubt


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