Blessed Ramnavami

Today is the birthday of Lord Shrirama, Chaitra shukla Navami (Ninth day of Chaitra month according to Hindu Calendar.)

Wishing you all, a very happy, blessed Shriramnavmi. May Lord Shrirama shower the love and bliss every moment of life of all of us. Jay Shriram.

Lord Shrirama doesn't mean a form of deity of a particular religion. Shrirama means the bliss. And to believe this, if chant the name Rama, whether we know anything about Ramayana and Lord Shrirama or not, but we will discover the natural bliss flowing from the heart. The stresses melt automatically. Why does this magic happen? Shrirama is the bliss, if you call Rama only once, still you can feel this. 

The importance of chanting the name of Lord Shrirama, which is emphasized in Ramayana and many Indian Scriptures, also which is expressed by Indian Seers, expressing in a Haiku.

Lord Shrirama and his life story Ramayana is the light for the humanity, and Lord Shrirama is born in spring, so I feel this Haiku is OK with all the rules. 

discover the peace
within yourself; chant the bliss
shriram jay  shriram

So ......have  you started chanting ..Ram Rama...?


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