Tear's Story

Tears are thought as sign of weakness.  But I never feel so, tears or smile, everything which is natural, is good and it’s a part of life we should accept both. Tears make us free from the tremendous pressure on mind.  I always love tears, just like  I love the smiles.

Here is a story of a tear,

My Eyes Were Closed
Someone Touched Me
‘With Love’
An Innocent Touch
An Innocent Touch

A Little Tear Touched
The Tear Said
The Touch Promised
I Am In Your Eyes
I Am On Your Cheeks
Every Wish of Joy and Sorrow
I Wish To Touch
Your Cheeks
When You Feel Hurt
When You Feel Sad
“I Am Always With You”
“I Am Always Within You”
I Don’t Promise Future
I Become Present
When You Need Me
I Am The Luckiest
Who Got The Place In
Your Innocent Eyes
I Wish To Be With You
I Love You
I Am Expression of Your Heart
People Avoid Tears
You Always Loved Me Like
Innocent Child
I Have Felt Myself
Even In Your Smile
You Made Me
You Made Me  
“A Precious Pearl!”

A similar but somewhat different poem in Hindi from my Hindi blog ChaitanyapujaEk Aansu Bholasa- एक आँसू भोलासा