Some Moments of 'Love'

These poems are becoming the epic of life, don’t know what is next….but sharing some awesome, unforgettable, beautiful moments of Life, love and of course Krishna. 

I am blessed by the highest spiritual path Mahayoga. This path, Gurukripa has made my life perfect. I have nothing to gain and nothing lose now.
This poem is the English version of Hindi poem ‘Kuch Pal Khushi Ke!’ published last week on Chaitanyapuja.  It’s a pure bliss to express the same poem in different languages with the beauty of all of them and particularly that language.

Some moments of Love and Joy, in the Busy life, like these flowers.

Some Moments Of ‘Love’
Some Small Moments,
Some Little Moments,
Of Love, Joy, Happiness and Purity
Some Moments
Some Moments of Childishness

Some Moments Of
Silliness, Craziness
Some Beautiful Moments
Mad Mad Mad Love
Some Moments of Friendship
That Filled With Innocence
Some Moments Of
Silly Fights
Filled With Silly Anger of Love
Some Moments….Said
“Sorry! Sorry!! Pleaseeeeeeee”
“I Am So Sorry”
Some Moments,
Some Moments….
“I Really Love You”
Some Moments Of
Fulfilled, Unfulfilled and ….Wait To Fulfill
Some Moments of Wait
Long Long Wait, To Meet the LOVE…
Some Moments of Silent Memories
Some Moments
Silent Tears
Some Moments Of
Love and Care
Making Life
Pleasant and Rare
Some Moments of….
“I Miss You Dear!”
“Please Come Back…”
Some Moments of Mad Friendship
Some Moments
Crazy Crazy Friends
Some Silent Moments…
Some Silent Moments…
Just Feeling ‘The Love’
Some Moments of New Madness
To Become Child Once Again
Some Moments
Some Memories
When The Flower
Blushed and Smiled
Smiled and Blushed
Closed the Eyes
And Met the Love
Some Moments Of
Mad Mad Mad Love
The Time Is Changed
Tears, Smiles…
Reasons Changed
Some New Friendship
Some New Friends
And Some….
Old Magical Memories
Some Moments
Fulfillment, Completeness
Some Moments Of
Day Dreaming
Some Days Of
Real Dreams
Some Moments
With Krishna
His Smile and My Madness
His Love and My Madness
His Magical Beauty and My Madness
Some Moments Of
Death of ‘Ego’
Experience of Salvation
Some Moments
When Krishna Tells
His Presence
With His ‘Soothing Touch’
“I Am Always With You, Within You!”
“You and Me Were Never Two”
Some Moments of Devotion
Turning to Eternal Love
Supreme Love
Some Moments Of
Worship of Krishna
Worship of Myself – ‘Aatmapuja’
(His Worship Is Mine…We Are One.)
The Eternal Moments,
Which Has Completed
My Life Made Me Immortal
Some Moments Of
Samadhi - Salvation
Which Has become Eternal
The Purest Breath,
No Bond of Karmas
Feeling Special…
Special Special Moments……
Life Is Full Of Love
All the Moments Of
Love, Love and Only Love.


  1. you are on the way to nearing APEX. you are above all. 

  2. Nice presentation.

    Wish you a very very happy new year.

    pl. find time to visit my blog.

  3. you are on the way to nearing APEX. you are above all.  

  4. simple yet very profound!

  5. :) sweet of you Eliza

  6.  Natarajji, again no words, so couldn't reply you earlier...

  7.  Thank you Rakeshji, and I am so sorry for the late reply...same  to you Sir.

    And I would love to read the enlightening blog by you, just need some time adjustment...:)