Salvation - Samadhi

Today I am a free bird flying in the sky…

But in reality
 When there is complete Oneness,
Where is the bird?
Where is me?

Where I will fly?
Everything is One!
Everything is Zero (Shunyavastha).
How can I tell my Joy?
Whom can I tell my joy?
I am not different from You.
Nothing is left!
It’s a New Beginning.
‘I’ have died and Reborn!
Everything, all Karmas (Shubha – Ashubh –Good - Bad) are burnt in the ‘Yogagni’ (The Yoga path by Kundalini Awakening – Mother Goddess does the inner purification.)
I am the complete ‘Yogi’ now.

But what is complete ‘Yogi’, when there is nothing in this world!

How can I express the Completeness?

It’s ZERO.

A complete Zero!

Now, I will be working, still doing Nothing.
I am the complete ‘Peace’. (Yato Vacho Nivartante, Taddham Paramam Mam – Krishna says, “My abode is the place which beyond the words! It’s complete peace, who will talk with whom, when everything is only Peace, only Krishna”- It’s very here on this earth living in this material world – True Salvation)
Still I am talking freely.
I am hurt or I am happy!
 I am in ‘Maya’ or I am free!
Everything is ‘Zero’.
Only Bliss!
Even Ego is The God today!
Why should I ‘Hate or Love’ Anybody?
When there is ‘Nobody’ other than ‘Me’!
Me or Krishna? Everything is ‘One’.
Can you see the divine glow the bliss on my face?
Who are you?
You are not different from me!
 Pen Stopped!
Words Stopped!
Breathing Stopped!
Mind Stopped!

P. S. : Two verses of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta are mixed while writing...though they are mixed, the lines are reflecting the message which is about 'Samadhi'.