Poem - The Creation of The God

Today’s poem is the ‘Namaskar’ - the Salutes to all the great poets and their poetry which the gift for this mankind for the peace of this Universe. 

I can’t mention the name of all the poets, because who really can count?  We can even count the stars but not the poets.  On this land of peace, my Bharatmata, sages, seers come again and again to spread the peace and love for all. We use the word Humanity, Human Rights, but these sages used to care for animals and plants too. All this is expressed in the epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Shrimadbhagavatam. 

Maharishi Valmiki Rishi (seer) is known as Adikavi means the first poet on this earth who told the story of Lord Shrirama, Mother Goddess Seetaji and Laxmana, in Ramayana which is enlightening this mankind from the ages.

Bhagwan Vyas wrote the biggest epics, eighteen Puranas including Shrimadbhagwatam, Mahabharata.  Shrimadbhagwatam is the story of Lord Shrikrishna. Mahabharata is story of Pandavas and Lord Shrikrishna.  Goswami Tulsidasji has again told the Ramayana in ‘Avadhi’ – Shrirmacharitmanas.

The power of words of these epics is such they are not ordinary books but the form of Lord Shrirama and Lord Shrikrishna.  This is not just ‘Belief’ of Devotees. When we read about somebody, do we feel the words or do we feel the ‘Person’ about whom we are reading?

These great epics are changing the lives, making a human completely divine.  These epics have enlightened uncountable souls. 
Poetry – epics Ramayana and Mahabharata has changed my life completely. These epics have given me new life. 

This poem is dedicated to all the great seers and My Gurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj…their blessings Gurkripa has made me poetess…

A Beautiful Poem
Which Comes From The Heart
A Beautiful Poem
Which Is The Form Of The Pure Love
Love And Only Love
Is Creation Of The God
A New Creation Of The God
On This Universe
Which Reach Beyond The Universe
A Poem Is A Blooming Flower
A Poem Is A Smile Of A Bride
A Poem Is A Bliss
A Poem Is Creation Of The God
A Poem Brings A New Life
To A Dead Heart
A Poem Brings An Inspiration
Like Rays Of Sun
Reaching The People
To Awaken For The Country
A Poem Is The Certainty
A Poem Is Eternity
In The Uncertain And Material
Life With End….
Poem Is Immortal
Poem Is Blessings Of The God
Poem Is Expression Of The God
For This Mankind
God Always Doesn’t Take Human Form
But Expressed As Poetry
A Poem Is Eternal
Great Seers
Expressed God In Epics
We Meet The God In Ramayana, Mahabhrata, Bhagvatam
Now This Gift
 Now This Blessing
Has Come To Me
God Is Expressing Himself
In My Words
He Is Again And Again
Sending The Message Of Peace
He Is Healing The Wounds Of Hearts
He Is Soothing The Pain
He Is Making Me Purer And Purer
I Have No Words
But Hands Keep Writing
He Keeps Writing
I Have No Knowledge
But Hands Keep Writing
He Keeps Spreading
“The Love And Hope”
Languages May Change
But Not The ‘Bliss’
‘Words’ May Change
But Not The Message
Immortal Message Of ‘Advaita’
Which Is Bonding
This World Together
Weapons Are Invented
To Destroy Others’ ‘Faith’
Poems Are Born
To Wipe Each Others’ ‘Hatred’
People Are ‘Killed’
By ‘Hatred’ With ‘Weapons’
‘Hatred’ Is Killed By
Poets – Seers With Poems – Epics
When The Earth, The Air Is Filled
With ‘Screams’ Of Victims
The Mantras- Holy Chants Of Sages
Fill The ‘Universe’
With Love – Bliss- Purity- ‘Peace’
Vanishing All The Pain
When People Kill Each Other For ‘Money-Lust’
Sages Kill The ‘Ego’
And Enlighten The Soul
The Life
The Soul Which Is Covered With
The Illusions Of Mind – ‘Maya’
Become Free From Everything
The Salvation Is Experienced
In This Life
Salvation Is Expressed
Again And Again In Poems…
Feel The Salvation
Which Is Beyond Mind
Live A Life Free From Sorrows And Joys
Filled With 'Only Pure Bliss'

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  2. Oh! superb n excellent.
    Very much pleased to read you Mohinee.
    May God bless you.

    I await you on my post "हनुमान लीला भाग-२"
    Please find time to visit it.

    Wish you a Happy New year in advance.


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