The Word Of Love

Sometimes I can’t write or feel very depressed, my loving friends always encourage me to write more, take my care, protect me from sorrows……….because of all of them, their love and care brought this poem from heart. I am blessed to have such friends around me.

One word of Love
Can change the Life
One word of Hope
Can turn the Tide
Just one Word!
Just one Word!
One word of Care
Can make you Smile
One word of Joy
Can Spread all over the World!
Just One Word!
Just One Word!
Have you Said
It to Somebody?

Have You felt It
When said by Somebody?
Love is in the Heart
Just express by one Word
Enlighten the Soul
Feel the Bliss
Just spread one word of Love
You can’t end all the Sorrows
Neither joy is the thing to Borrow
But you can Spread
Love which has No End!
Just one Word!
Just One Word!!
Say The one Word
One word Of
Love, Joy and Hope
One word Of
Care, Hope and Sweetness
One word From You
One word From Me!
The Whole World
Will Be Beautiful
For Everybody
You and Me!
Don’t Complain
Don’t be Depressed
Just say that one Word
Which you Have
Never Expressed
Don’t Hesitate
Don’t be Shy
Help Everybody
Be Like a Sky
Just One Word
Can Change the Whole World!
The God has Sent
You with a Purpose
To spread the Smile
Without Purpose
Listen to Heart
Listen to God
Spread the Love
Every Heart…….
Spread the Love
Every Heart……….


  1. 'Love' is the best ' four letter word' that man has invented!

  2. Loved the love Mohihi... and helping to spread it around...missing you dear sis :*

  3.  Wonderful! You are spreading so many smiles through your beautiful words, dear :) So inspirational and touching this is, WOW :)

  4. Another lovely poem I came across...
    Your writings promote peace, love and universal humanity which keeps me coming back...

    Thanks for sharing,

    Indie :)

  5. Love ya Posh! :)

  6. Me too missing you dear sis....:) Thanks......

  7. Thanks Arti......glad you loved it.....:)

  8. Hi Indie, I am happy you loved this one too, thank you so much.......:)