The Soul Mate

First I would like to thank Sulekha Rawat for her wonderful initiative of making Collage of Articles. The subject she has chosen is also very nice – The Soul Mate. Please check out the collage here - Let's Make The Collage of Articles  on her blog Memoirs.

I never thought about soul mate. Really, who is such person whom I can call soul mate?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you can easily guess that who is my soul mate.

Yes! You are absolutely right, The God. He is my friend from childhood. I never had question about His existence. He is not the question to be answered by logic but He is the complete form of Love which can be experienced only. By His grace, I always have the thirst to seek the spiritual knowledge, the eternal truth, the supreme goal of the life. So I have seen many spiritual sects.  But I was disappointed because many don’t have the spiritual experience, many leaders run behind material desires, many are fake spiritual leaders.

I was in a tension for some phase of life that whom to trust. To whom I can ask my spiritual doubts. That time I was not in contact with my spiritual master – My Sadgurudeva also.

In all those crises of life some years back, I got Shrimadbhagwadgeeta and Shriramacharitmanas – The Ramayana by Goswami Tulsidasjee. I got more and more true spiritual knowledge about the path of devotion -The Bhaktiyoga or the supreme divine love.

Shrimadbhagwadgeeta is the message of Lord Shrikrishna for all of us, in which He tells different paths to reach the supreme goal of life Moksha for all.  And Shriramacharitmanas is the great epic on Lord Shrirama. I came to know more and more about HIM by these two books. These have changed my life completely. 

I am still not satisfied by reading and singing these books again and again.  

I can’t express my feelings much with my friends. But He understands everything which even I have never said. This relation is beyond all relations. He never gives me promises, but He fulfills all the things I need, without saying anything.  He never gets angry with me and never breaks relation for anything, for any reason. He never leaves me alone. He never gets bored when I wish to cry a lot and share the storm going on in my mind. He always sooths my mind. And what more, He never cheats. He never cheats. He loves me unconditionally. He has accepted all my mistakes of life and always has given me another chance to live and improve myself. He has given me the true love.  Oh God! I can’t control myself while writing about Him. Whatever I do, I try to make Him happy. I always feel His smiling face around me.

And of course He talks with me and not only me but all of us by Shrimadbhagwadgeeta. He motivates me, He inspires me. He listens to my pain when I am depressed. This is all not my faith, but His love for me.

Am I writing like a child? Or am I impractical?  No, I am practical. I know the limitations of this material life. It’s impossible to get the supreme bliss without His grace and His Love in this life.

The God is the only truth and rest is all continuously changing, just an illusion.  And I am the luckiest that I got such a Soul Mate.


  1. This is very interesting Mohi...we've always referred to people as soulmates and you have reached the Ultimate Source---how wonderful! and difficult at times. But when great love is there, it is possible.

  2. Thanks for participating in my blog event, very nicely written post. Enjoyed reading it , all of us have different ideas and opinions about who our soul mate is and that makes the posts interesting and versatile.

  3. Thank you Melissa, don't know how but just wrote heart felt...:)

  4. Namaste Sulekhajee. Welcome to my blog. I am glad you liked my post...:)

  5. it is now confirmed that you are 'RADHA'!Oh,my heartmate!

  6. Oh My heartmate, I feeel such a bliss when you call me RADHA....:)