I Meet The God

Advaita teaches the Universal Oneness. The Bhaktiyoga – The path of Devotion says, everybody and everything is the form of God. Same feelings in the simplest words………..

Today I saw You
My Dearest God!
People tell me That
You are not Visible
I saw You Everywhere!
Just Today!
My Dear God, Just Today!
Today when I opened my Eyes
You touched Me!
Yes! I felt the Cool Breeze!
Today I saw You
When You came in Morning
In The form of sweet orange Sun!
And I saw You, When
Little Sparrow was Playing
I saw You When
The birds were taking the Lessons
Of Life sitting in a Row
And Yes! I saw You
When the innocent Kids
Were Going to Schools
I saw You Just Today,
When the sweet lil Birds
Were flying for their Work
I saw You in the Blue Sky
As I used to, when I was a Child
Oh Lord! I am still Your Child
Please bless Me
I felt You in every Moment
When I was Working
I felt You in every Work
You made my Everything
My Every Work
I saw You in The Twinkling Stars
In the beautiful Moon
I always see You in my Dreams
Eyes may open or Not
But You are always with Me
You have melted my ‘I’ and ‘Me’
In You, the day I saw You
The Day I Saw YOU!

My Hindi Poem with same feelings –  Aaj Maine Eshwar Dekha - आज मैने ईश्वर देखा 


  1. Oh,how sweet and serene!..'In the form of sweet orange sun...!!!!' Oh,i feel like melting in the glow of your lines,Mohini! while reading this poem I feel HIS breath on my neck!!...I just can't express  this feeling of delight!

  2. You have melted the 'I' and 'Me' and formed a "WE"...

    When a poem is this spontaneous it means it comes directly from the heart... no thoughts... divinely inspired :) similar to our 'oratio'...

    It's a prayer of love Mohi... and it's wonderful that you have learned to open your 'inner eye' that is your soul...

    Loved it :)

  3. Wow! Mohu.. reading your beautiful poetry I'm feeling so fresh and inner peace. I like your positive and pure thoughts ..It helps me to regain my confidence within my self and a devotion towards the God!

    You poems mostly deals with direct connection to God, that enriches with purity and also clears the blurred sight! 

    Love you ,Mohu :)
    Keep smiling!

  4. Simran dear, sorry for the late....reply. I didn't know all this about my poems, thank you so much.....:) Love you a lot my sweet little sister. :)

  5. Thank you Aadarshji, I am glad you loved it.....:)

  6. So sweet Melissa..........thank you so much and sorry for the late dear....:)

  7. I know sweetheart......how you must be feeling.....our thoughts are always same....sorry for the late reply......:)