Love Patriotism

Today it is a fashion to love and support anti - national elements. The people doing this preach in such a fashion that now Patriotism or to say something which shows love to our country Bharat - India is a biggest crime. If we love our country and are loyal to our country, we will speak against those who are anti - national. How love for the  country can be a crime? 

This poem is dedicated to such people,

I can't stop my Tears Today
Sadness has Shadowed me this Day
When my Brothers 
Were burning in Riots and Bomb Blasts
Some people were singing 
The Song of Peace Talks
Every Morning
I thought a new Day
These people will know The
The dance of Blood shade and Death
At Least Today..........
I have waited all the Life - Way
But people are Blind
Watching the Films
Every day and Night
My hope Lost for Patriotism
People are Deaf
By Laud Film Noise
Wake up Folks!
They are Died Today 
You Enjoyed
Tomorrow You may be 
The Victim 
Many others will Enjoy
Your Death.
If you wanna Die
Die like a Warrior
Dare to Accept 
The Dance of Death
Instead of Watching 
Movies which are 
Foolish and Dead
Know the Conspiracy
Know the Facts
Then Preach The Humanity
On Terrorism Acts.
What is the Difference
Between You and Terrorists
When you are Talking 
The Language of Terrorists
Stop this Drama
of Anti - Nationalism
Work for the Nation 
Love Patriotism
If nationalism is Hindu - Terrorism
Then Tell me, tell me your loyalty
Which country do YOU Belong?


  1. Mohi... I love my country too and for all its worth will support causes to improve it.

    I don't think people are so calloused so as not to feel India's plight for freedom and justice. Nobody could be so cruel to allow people to just die...

    People should be aware and I am lauding you for your efforts. 

    I love your post...and wish something more could be done.

  2. Melissa! Thank you so much. It is difficult a bit for people outside India to understand the problems. But sad thing is youth is so indifferent about these serious problems. One week has not gone after the Mumbai Bomb blasts, and people started to preach humanity to us about Pakistan.  They don't know anything about strategies between countries. 

  3. At the end of movie when in multiplexes, National Anthem is played, watch these patriots eager to move out before the anthem is over! Jai Hind.Patriotism is not for display, should come from heart and be visible in action.

  4. That is very true Sir. Independence day or republic day if comes near weekend people arrange picnics and become happy for the holidays. It should be from heart. Thanks for the patriotic thought. Jai Hind Vande Mataram .

  5. Nice poem on patriotism Mohini, good to see you active in promoting nation building by trying to eliminating terrorism from minds of the people

  6. Thank you so much Umeshji for appreciation. I will love to work for my country till the last breath. Jai Hind

  7. if ones love for someone or something is strong enough no terrorist will be able to terrorise .. 
    hatred is not the opposite of love, indifference is.

  8. That's the complete thought I have ever read Deepak Sir!

  9. Mohini,
    This is a poem that directly flows from the heart and resonates change.   It so beautifully and thoughtfully written and yet is so emotive. I do not have words to express the deep message that you have conveyed in such few words. Simply amazing!
    Barkha Dhar
     Following your blog. You may like to follow mine. 

  10. Barkha ji I am really honored by your words. It's pain of heart.

  11. Most of the patriotism is disguised in some kind of ego nowadays... Very good and touchy poem from heart of an Indian ...

  12. Farizaji Thank you so much for your appreciation. I am glad you loved my poem.

  13. i just remember subhash bose......... "give me blood, i will give you freedom", 

  14. Ya........That's unforgettable.

  15. good one.. thumbs up...

  16. Thanks Rohit, sorry for late reply.