Kashmiri Hindu Genocide and Secular India

Watch this video which tells us story of Kashmiri Hindus - Kashmiri Pandits.

I have some points after watching this. Answers are with you .
India is a secular country and here unofficially Secularism means Muslim Appeasement. Just try to understand where this policy of Muslim Appeasement can go. First we have given Pakistan. Still the question was not solved, now Indian citizens of Kashmir are Refugees in their own country. Roots of this dangerous policy are from Gandhiji. I got the clear vision when I read Nathuram Godse's (Nathuram who assassinated Gandhiji) views on how this Muslim appeasement started by Gandhiji and finally lead to partition of country. You may hate Nathruamji  but the historic facts given by him can be checked from other sources too and that are such which we can't deny.This policy is still not stopped.

What are the answers of these points?

  • Majahab nahi sikhata aapas me bair rakhana (Religion doesn't teach to keep hatred among each other.)
  • Islam means peace.
  • India is a secular country.
  • Terrorists have no religion
  • Safron Terrorism???
  • India - Pakistan Peace talks
  • We should forget the past and new friendship of India and Pakistan should be started.
  • All the humaneterians who are still crying for Gujrat Riots haven't said a single word about this. What must be the reason? 
  • Does secularism means Hindu has no right to live just because he or she is Hindu?
  • Where is the so called Right wing?
  • Where was this media that time? Or now what are they doing? 
From many days, I am getting the lessons of peace and humanity from those who don't know all this story. My simple answer is preach secularism when you will be able to bring Kashimiri Hindus in their valley back.

Remember! My fellow countrymen and world too! Kashmiri Pandits are your brothers. Today, in the name of secularism, media, humanity, you are denying the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus.

"Next may be your turn to die" 

"Secular - so called Secular India is not safe for YOU and ME"


  1. I hope the 2012 thing happens and all the people in the world die and a new species be born who know no religion,caste,nationality....................anything but know only to survive the world

  2. All i can say here Mohinee ji is....
    Yes, Islam means peace and I am sure  all those who are doing such inhuman act in the name of Islam don't know anything about Islam....and certainly terrorism have no religion, bcoz when they plan a bomb they never know which religion follower is going to be its victim....personally I feel very bad when they do it in the name if Islam and believe me there are many people like me who follow true Islam and feel bad same way like you do........


  3. Thank you so much Irfanji. I really feel it heartfelt, you are saying. I take care to use words fundamentalists always. But this time I couldn't because this was a planned operation by Pakistan and you can see in video, it is done in the name of Islam. I haven't studied Quran, so won't comment on that, but how fundamentalists interpret more and more meanings.

    This point is really important that while planting bomb they want to spread terror, anybody can be victim that time. But this genocide had lots of planning and Benazir Bhutto accepted it that she started this. And this is not only about Islam. I was thinking on this issue deeply how this can be happened.

    Thank you so much for your views. I wish people like you should come and support, so that we can do unitedly something for the victims.

  4. Welcome Rock....thanks for your views .I am sorry for late reply. What you are saying is already taught by Advaita Philosophy, Universal Oneness.


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