It's Your Friendship

This story is dedicated to a true unconditional love. He loved Her so much….that nobody can ever imagine. She always knew his love, but she didn't wish to make him involve. She never expressed what she knew………..

He never blamed her, why didn't she love? Today it is a trend that if a girl just talk as a friend and if the boy wants something more may be, just for time pass, but if  the girl says about pure friendship. She is blamed by the boy whom she thought as friend by abusive words. The friends of such boys even contribute, they don't know same words can be applicable to their sisters too. And now blogs are even used to write the frustration by blaming the girl. He never used a single wrong word for her. 

Page of My Life would be blank without your Friendship

The days may Change
The Life may Change
It’s Your Friendship
That will never Change

The seasons are Changed
The People are Changed.
The Time is Changed
But It’s your Friendship
That will never Change

The Suns and The Moons
The Planets are Changed
But, I know, I still Feel
It’s Your Friendship
That will never Change

My Sorrows are Changed
My tears are Changed
But It’s Your Love
My Dear Friend!
That will never Change

It’s Your Friendship
Dear Divine Soul!
That will never Leave me Alone.

don't know when we'll meet Again
But it’s the time that we had Together
That will never Change.
That’s the Treasure of my Life
My strength to fight with Problems
In the darkness of life,
The one who showed me
The Light
It’s your friendship

In the loneliness of Life
Who realized my Pain
It’s your friendship.
You have shown Me
The meaning of Friendship
You have shown Me
The meaning of Love
But what you have
Never Shown Me
Are Your Tears!

I always feel your Tears
I know your Purest
Unconditional Love
Your love has reached
The God
You are The Divine Soul!

He has worshiped her. He is the ideal man.

I used to think that, love is just physical attraction and boys forget their so called love when they see a new girl. 

But what made him to feel her pain……….forever!

Will they meet again?  

I can only pray, they should be the same as they are the Divine Souls!


  1. You are rite mohini,
     Love is eternity & friendship is forever. 
    It's like a CD and CD player.You can't have one without the other.Friendship is like a heaven galore.
    Love isn’t here or there, it isn’t happy,sad, good or bad. Love is just Love.When I am with my best friend ...i feel lyk bird ... n can easily call my best friend in my saddest moment lyk ...job interview failure & bad haircut...

  2. Such a sweet thought Sonalee. Bad haircut too. You made me remember, I had long long hair and I just cut some, for a slight change my sweet friend got so angry told me you look ugly. This is really friendship. :)

  3. awesome rhyming :) but we'll nt change (^_^)

  4.  ha ha ha so agree wid u ..ur so girly....
    even i had faced the same incidence ..... n i dnt know hw to survive with such unmanageble hairs ...dem my best friend came for rescue n it was gr8 support ..  best friends always for up-down in in stage of lyf...

  5. That's why said, it's your f'ship, sun and moon bhi badal gayi to bhi na badlegi yeh dosti. Thanks GEETS :)

  6. Ya that's both things true about friends and about hairs........:) I still can't manage them :)

  7.  lol ... i can easily say that  my hairs too much weird  to manage...

    but ur hairs looks gud..i saw ur pics... come on gv dem some credit ,dey are d crowning glory ... trust me ur hairs really gud unlike mine..   any way nice post

  8. I do hope there is an ideal man somewhere..because I don't believe in that..beautifully written..Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said that it'd be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. 

  9. i wish they meet again

    i wish they do not change
    i wish they make a bond
    that one one has seen and
    will never see again.

  10. Wonderful! So touching and pure :)
    Glad to read such a beautiful friendship poem..So enriching!

  11. Beautiful.  Heartfelt.  Love is eternal.  If it doesn't work out in this lifetime, there will be another time for them to share. 


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  13. Hey, Sonali, thanks dear, actually my hair was really exceptional but nowadays, not that which I really had. but I am happy you felt they look good. I will take some more care of them. :))

  14. Alpana Thank you so much for such a sweet and meaningful thought. I really need that. and about men, hmm, this is real story. I have seen him. and he is still so. :)

  15. Sancheeta, thanks for such a wonderful wish, I feel and pray the same, they should meet and never change.

    What a wonderful words.

  16. Thanks Simmo. How are you dear. I am happy to see you back. :)

  17. Orea Dear! Thanks for following my blog. ya! Love is eternal. that's absolutely true. about next life I didn't have this thought. wonderful......:) :)

  18. omg..heartfelt.. awesome facts

  19. Welcome Bhargav. Thank you so much for your response..