I am Chandrashekhar Azad

23rd July is the Birth Anniversary of Revolutionary Chandrashekhar Azad. Azad means Free. Chandrashekhar Azad have lived free and he is still free. He has become immortal by His Revolutionary work for the struggle of Bhataeeya Independence. Always remember! These revolutionaries did not fight for partition but fought for the freedom of Bharatamata. (Mother India.) Life of Chandreshekhar Azad shows the salvation described spiritually too. A person who is  really free from all the limitations of mind and material world can only live a free - Azad Life. The God of revolutionaries was Bharatmata (not film stars or cricketers!)

Azad has come to meet all of us, He has come to awaken us from the dark night of ignorance towards country's problems, hatred towards our fellow - country men in the name of Hindu Terrorism and Safronization. He is still within us.........He has the song of freedom and revolution for all of us..................

"You are Born Azad
You are born to live Azad
You should fight To
Always Azad
You are Azad
You were never Slave
You were never Weak
You were never Born
Physical and Mental
You are Azad
I lived Azad 
Has Become Immortal
You have Forgotten 
You are born Azad
Have Become Living Dead
Throw this mental Slavery
Remember Your Azadi
I am always with You
I will speak through Your Voice
So Don't be Calm
I will be your Strength
So never Frighten
I will work from Your Hands
I am still in You
Because I am Azad
Will always Be
I am always Azad!
I have broken all the Limitations
I am beyond all the Boundaries
Fear, Slavery and Distrusts  
Nobody can make me Slave
My Brothers, My Sisters!
Nobody can make You Slave
Remember! I am always with You
I am working within You
I will always Here on my Motherland
To sing the song of Revolution
I have come to Awaken You
To make You Remember 
You are Azad
Yes! I am talking with You
Brothers and Sisters!
I am Chandrashekhar Azad
You are always Azad!
You are always Azad!"

My salutes to Azad.......I feel Him today with me.........do you?

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  1. chandrashekhar Azad is our pride, pride of the country. his contribution towards weakening the backbone of the british and thus strengthening our movement to fight for the freedom of India, is undeniable. i loved the poem. we must always bring back our prestigious memory into present to build a stable future.

  2. Wonderful thought dear Sancheeta. :) Thanks for taking time at so late night. :)

  3. I like this article & poem very much.
    It needs in today's situation.  
    also  like the original photo of Chandrashékhar Äzäd. 

  4. Sandra McLeod HumphreyJuly 26, 2011 at 9:54 PM

    I wish you and your poetry contest the very best!

  5. Hi Sandra, welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for your comment and following my blog too. :) I liked your blog also. Thanks for your wishes.

  6. Photo - thanks to wikipedia.

  7. Only one message needed today.

  8. incarnation of  Azad, renewing Azad, reviewing Azad, reaching Azad, bring out Azadi, Mukti dilado, Vimukti karado, Dil ko khaid se Azad kardo.  Free from all worldly sins. wish you the best. 

  9. You always make me speechless, what can I reply Natrajji!