Happy B'day Monu

Today is our Dearest friend Monu's B'day who is lovely poet with blog Soul Tune and Monu we have made this fast poem in 10 mins and post in 10 more mins, missing you a lot dear,

Sorry I was not online whole day, so couldn't try my own poster for you.!

Many Many Happy Returns of the DAY,

Happy Birthday 

(: Monu! :)

Tune of your Soul
Touched our Souls
Friendship of your Heart
Touched our Hearts
We love you Friend
You are The Rarest Gem

Happy B'day Monu

by Mohu

Gem that Glows 
Flows towards us with gloss and Glow..
A Glow that assured Us 
That you are with us Even 
When we feel Low,
A support of Yours,
That behold us at the Tip!
A love of yours,
That made us Enriched,

by Simmo

No longer do you have to Wait
Today's the day to Celebrate
An adult now, no longer Child
So party hard and party Wild,
You've waited so long for this Day
Time now to do life 'YOUR WAY'  

by GeetS


  1. happy birthday monu.

     a wonderful dedication....... mohini, simran ans geeta. friends like you are the most wonderful pleasure to treasure till the end of life. i am also proud to have you all in my life.

  2. Sanchu Di! Thank you so much, same here......! What wonderful lines" Most wonderful pleasure to treasure"......ya! We have done it in such a hurry. Sim and Geets are just gone offline.

  3. i wish this special bond of friendship among you all just gets stronger day by day.....:D

  4. What a wonderful dedication....Happy birthday Monu

  5. Irfanji Thanks you so much for sweet wishes..........:D

  6. Alpnana! Thank you so much. :)

  7. wonderful lovely superb great :D and most of all Monu happy birthday ...wonderful Mohineeeee:) love u dear

  8. Thank u all-- wow.. u all really made me feel special.. love u all wid muah muah muah for special effects.. I'll cherish all ur wishings throughout my life.. :) :))))))))
    Thank u thank u thank u... <3 <3 <3

  9. Happy Birthday to you ,Monu :))))Wow Mohu..amazingly presented! :)

  10. very good.happy Birthday Monu.

  11. You are special for not only us, but you are really special Monu. wow sab kuch 3 3 baar..........Thanks Thanks Thanks.......! We all love u love u love u.! From Geets, Sims and Mohs. :))))))) Partyyyyyyyyyyy abhi baki hai...

  12. Thanks Dear......we done this in such a hurry! :))))) Thanks to all our combo poem!

  13. Welcome Bhavanaji to my blog. Thank you so much! :)