Gifts of Love on Blogoversary

We all have celebrated the first blogoversary of Gurukripa. We have seen the series of Awards of Love and yet more to write in this series.  But today I am happy to share -The Gifts of love on first blogovarsary of Gurukripa with you, friends!

I am very happy and blessed, to have a big big blogging family.

You all know, my simple and sweet sisters Simran with two blogs of love and friendship and Geeta who has 14 blogs, of wonders wonders only. Oh! they are not as simple as they look and as I felt them.

They were doing a conspiracy in last month and I didn't even have smell of it…..
So here is their conspiracy for me and my blog, the cute, sweet and best and lovely and……………..surprise gift for Gurukripa and Me.

Mohini's First Blogoversary :) - must see, must read, must experience the bond of Love.

What a wonderful gift! I always feel The God has surprises for us and they come in any form.
These sisters are surprise gift for me after coming in blogging world. And I must thank God for giving me experience of love of a sister.

We have celebrated the Birthday by traditional Bharateeya – Indian custom in the home, by this way,
And of course same for Simmo’s blog too. Here are the sweet photos of celebration.

Prayer to God - "My Friendship (Simran's Blog)
Jeeveta Sharadaha Shatam"

Prayer to God - Gurukripa - "Jeeveta Sharadaha Shatam"

Both are our blogs.....GEETA, Me and SIMRAN!

And more gifts more surprises I received from Indifamily on this thread,

Surprise Gift on my blog's 1st Anniversary - by Simran and Geeta. I am so happy to share all these gifts with you all.

Here is the gift by Sujithji. Is there any need to tell about him and his blog with GPR 7 Indirank 92? He is always ready and present to help the bloggers on Indiforum. I forgot to share cake with you, but Sujithji has brought it.

              Thank you so much Sujithji

And now from Ranjith………..this is a creative guy, forum hero on Indiblogger , to make me smile, he has created this………… sweet of you Ranjith…………he is very talented, Engineering student and with lots of wonderful ideas and threads on

Oh Ranjith! Thank you so much Dear! 
Friends like you are so Rare!

And what is this, this is my Sister………Arti’s gift. She calls me … Superstar, Indistar and Indi Madhuri, IndiRockStar!…….ohh God!…….She loves me so much. I always feel I haven’t done anything to get such love. And who doesn’t know Arti ‘s Yatra Diary…… need to write anything about her blog. She is so sweet, so nice, so loving, so caring………I don’t have more words. IndiArti. :). Indiforumhero.

Arti! You are just too much.

Very Very special wish from Pramodji,

"Best wishes to your blog. And it's creator too.Mere blog ki bhi umra use lag jaaye, sincere dua hai."

Very very encouraging wish from Umesh Derebailji,

"I hope your GURUKRIPA blog is used as reference for future generations, remember you are making a mark on sands of time as the old saying goes. Like an architect who leaves a landmark, you are creating a landmark on the virtual world, that is the biggest motivation for anybody. Keep blogging, congrats in advance for your first anniversary."

Thank you so much sweet friends Abhi, Monica and DS and all of you. There are so many wishes .............I think I am missing many names. :(

A relation is always a relation of love. I remember, in one of my best friends' slam book I have written, what is love,

“Existence of every relation is because of LOVE only, without love no relation is possible.”
So how are we so attached? There is no answer, 

It is our bond of love only…………

I am so blessed, I think this is the first blog who has received so many gifts on B'day like we give to a little child on their Birthday.

P. S. : All parts of this success series are here under the label Blogovarsary 


  1. it seems that technology has changed the ways of expressing love and  and celebrating the happiness in return. congratulations on your first blog anniversary. your hard work and dedication to your work as paid off sincerely. keep up!

  2. Remember the past, plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. ....

  3. Alpana, that is the best quote I will always follow in my life, thanks for this........:)

  4. Thank you so much Sancheeta. Really technology is changed but not the feeling of love......:)

  5. I am really amazed at seeing those two photos taken by you. I never thought that one would celebrate blog anniversary in this way. It does show the love you have towards your blog. I only wonder what would have happened if the harathi slipped from your hand. :-)
    All the best!

  6. Thanks a lot all of  you .I am grateful to all of you for your encouragement & love for  my sister's Blog.

  7. I'm so happy to see how much people love and cares you ! amazing , so many wishes, awards, gifts ..Mohu you're blessed :) ..And me ,Geets are blessed to have you as a sister ! so loving, caring and thoughtful.

    And that's so sweet of you mentioned about me above :)..I'm honored!
    And also amazed to see such wonderful titles for you..Indistar,superstar,indimadhri wow!!!
    Wishing you all the best for your blogging journey :)..As we are with you at every step :D

    Lot's of love, hugss, wishes and smilesssss :)

  8.  It makes me very happy to see that humanity is still alive..our contribution to your country and to humanity is unparalleled Mohini..keep it Up! We are always with you!!  yipeeee party time :)  
    God Bless You Dear
    with lotss of love and ^_^ 

  9. wish u all d best for ur blogging journey..god bless u....lovee you ...

  10. Hi Ranjith!

    Blog is worship for me, even everything I do is worship. This blog is sacred temple for me. And this is our custom to celebrate B'day every year. Now, it is blog's b'day so I did same for blogs too. And if I am not following our customs then, how can I spread the message of Bharateeya Culture?

    Thank you so much for your wishes. Don't worry, what you thought will never happen, about Arthi. :)

  11. My another family.........thanks to all :)

  12. always add sweeeteness to everything.......what more I can Say, sweetu sisi! :) I am blessed !

  13. Speechless, Didi..........:) :).....I don't think I have done this much! But always with me.......:)

  14. Welcome Sonali to our blog. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for sweeeeet wishes just like youuuuuuuuuuuuu. LOVE YOU tooooooooooo.

    <3. <3. <3.

  15. Someone is SpecialJuly 13, 2011 at 9:39 AM

    Best wishes for your blog and you.. Keep Smiling..

    Someone is Special

  16. Thank you so much Saravana........for sweet and encouraging wishes......:) 

  17. Thankk you soo much Mohini, You really deserve all those titles and you deserve so much more actually! Keep doing the good work that you are already doing, keep spreading smiles with your beautiful  words, my best wishes are always with you and your blog :)

    Many Thanks for featuring me in the first two photos itself, i loved them :P Aur yeh IndiArti kya hai ??? Sirf Arti theek hai na :P

    Good Luck always with whatever you do :)))))

  18. Milestones are to be cherished and the first milestones are remembered a lot! Happy Blogversary! Have a wonderful blog journey ahead! :)

  19. Thank you so much Laxmi. Really first blogoversary is unforgettable.

  20. Arti, what a wonderful thought once again. Ya your photos, life is incomplete without you, any joy is incomplete without you.

    Arti ke liye koi upama nahi IndiArti. :)))