Dnyanesh - The God of Knowledge

Today is the birthday of my dearest brother Dnyanesh. According to Hindi it is pronounced as Gyanesh, which means Gyan + Ish- Gyan means supreme spiritual knowledge and  Gyaneshwar means The God of knowledge. This post is dedicated to my dearest Dada.

"Dearest Dada,

Today is your Birthday and I wanna say, all that I have never said.

Today, I am so successful, because of you.  This mission to spread Bharateeya Culture is becoming a big success, because of you. I am writing this with tears, because I know I can’t ever express all this to you and even you won’t allow me to praise.

But this is not praise. This is heartfelt.

From childhood, you have sacrificed your dreams and time for me, my career, my success, my studies. You have always helped me. All this is very rare, I remember, my college friends (girls) always used to say, that how lucky I am! I have such an understanding brother. You never kept me under foolish restrictions which many brothers keep.

When brothers protect their sisters, you have trained me to fight alone with everything. And by The God’s grace, I am really becoming what you always wished for me.

You have always told me, “Mohini! You have to become the iron lady. You are the leader. You can rule this world.”

I was not much extra – ordinary. May be I would be doing some very common things today. When teenagers daydream about so called love, you gave me big books to study like that on Kashmir Issue by Sheshrao More (This wonderful rarest book is unavailable now. Lucky I am, that I have read this book when I was in school.)

Books on people like Napoleon, Benazir Bhutto, how they struggled and became a successful leader.

Age doesn’t matter. Only work we have done for our country and society that matters!

Because of  your encouragement I have become pistol shooter. I know, I haven’t done anything big yet. But I know where I am leading. . . .And you know what you have taught to me. I will never disappoint you.

We have fought a lot with injustice, still we haven’t eradicated yet. I wish, may this year give us all that success which we deserve.

You are the inspiration for those who choose the path of addiction just because of simple break up in so called love. But with all this struggle of life, you are on the path of Yoga and spirituality only. You have always given answer to my spiritual doubts. You are like Saint Dnyaneshwar for me, I prey to the God to make me somewhat like Saint Muktabai."

You are the Simplest
You are the Best
You are my best Brother
You are the Dearest
You are Dnyanesh
You are The God
Eternal Bliss.
I am not praising You
But Just Telling You
To Realize
Who really You Are!


  1. Thank you very very much Mohini.
    But I am not as you are saying. I am an ordinary person. I don't deserve your love, really! You are an éxtra ordinary person  only by the Grace of God. But one thing is that I am a fortunate person having sister like you.In the Universe there is the SUN  & other is my beloved sister the MOHINI. During the  worst period of my life you were the only person with me. I have no words for you. What to say more I am in tears. GOD BLESS YOU my dearést Sister.