Devotional Pandharpur Pilgrimage

Tomorrow is Devashayani Ekadashi. Ekadashi is the 11th Date or Tithi which comes twice in a month according to Hindu Calender or Panchanga. There are two parts of 15 days each in a month Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. So tomorrow is Ashadha Month's 11th Date which is called as Devashayani Ekadashi.

Ekadashi is very holy according to Hindu Scriptures - Puranas and every ekadashi has a different name. I will give list of the names and their brief meaning in other article.

Today we will see about Devashayani Ekadashi. From tomorrow a holy period of four months which is called as Chaturmas is started. In these four months some rules and Vratas are supposed to be observed. These are good for our health and for society too. It will take another article.

Let's see and experience Pandharupur Pilgrimage first. Lord Vitthala or Lord Vithoba is actually Lord Krishna. And Mother Goddess Rakhumai is the name of Rukmini. These are the Deities at Pandharpur. There is a lot of information available about this pilgrimage on the internet. So I am not going to repeat it.  Info from wikipedia is HERE and info about Pandharpur Pilgrimage is available here on Please read the devotional story of Pundalik behind Pandharupur. How to reach Padharpur and it's map HERE.

But the things which I have seen personally and which make me devotional and very very emotional, I would love to share with you all.

This Pilgrimage is called as Wari and it is mostly supposed to be done walking.

The haults are decided always. There are lot of people or groups who make all the arrengements of meals for these pilgrims - devotees voluntarily. The people who don't believe in Dharma or faith in the God for them this is  something must see. What makes them work voluntarily? Every year! That is faith and devotion towards Vithoba. 

I have seen these pilgrims many times on TV, but some days back I saw a group, which was going for Pandharpurur closely in my city. These all were people from village.

These are mostly villagers, not highly educated like us. But I envy them; I don’t have that pure joy which they get by this Wari.

My education, the mind who is always on logical thinking, all the modern habits which cut me from all this natural devotion.  I really feel sad, looking their natural life. But feel very happy always to see them going…….

They walk during the rainy season. Many times diseases spread during this pilgrimage. But they don’t care about this. Many have the rule to meet The Vitthala…..walking this day Devashayani  Ekadshi every year, or even for life time.  I don’t know how they do this. I wish to go to Vitthala temple by my vehicle in my city but still I hesitate, there will be a big crowd tomorrow and I can’t go.

These people who are called as Warkaris have no such feelings. They are mad just to meet their Vithoba (Vitthala) they walk with Saffron flags in Hand and women with Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil) over the head. So comfortably and happily I can’t tell you. I have watched this, on high way somedays back. I stopped there on the road for some time, and my hands….made a Pranama Naturally to all the Devotees.

The Bharateeya – Indian traditions are so scientific, this holy Basil plant is holy too and protecting the health in this rainy season too. When rain starts, Warkaris just use some plastic to cover their head and protect body. No Umbralls or rain coats. These are not from much rich families too. I think they sleep on the road at nights without shelter. 

Warkari Sampraday or sect is the sect of equality. The people from this sect when they meet each other, they have custom or rule that they should make Pranama to each other, to express the respect and the equality. This is the sect of common people. These Warkaris are close to heart of everybody.
You know the saddest thing, Warkaris are not sure to get the Darshana of Lord Vitthala because of big crowd, after walking for this purpose only, still their mind don't stop them from this long pilgrimage. 

Crowd is not the only reason. The First right of Puja – or Worship is the Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra and his wife. Then the VIPs and ministers take the Darshana.This takes lot of time, so many of the devotees miss the Darshan. 

Again the same question which was raised in last article arieses, Bharat - (India) Democratic or Monarchic? 

Who has the right to meet the Vitthala pure devotees or corrupt politicians? By this system I can't watch main Puja which is live on TV. But the devotees never complain about this. They obey the teachings of Saints - Santas of common people Sant Dyaneshwar, Sant Tukaram, Sant Namdev.

In my opinion we should unitedly oppose this system of first Puja by CM and send a letter to Maharashtra Govt. to stop this and start true democracy. Let the Warkaris get Darshana of our beloved Vithoba. (Maharashtra Govt.'s official website is not opening on my browser now, so I couldn't send mail.)

We all can learn from Warkaris discipline, simplicity and devotion towards our goal and work. These holy warkaris, don't even know words like Work Culture, Corporate World, Personality Development, Communication Skills, Soft Skills. But they have all this just because of their devotion towards Vithoba and Sants which are their Gurus. 

The people who are spreading hatred in the name of Secularism, I think at least once they must see these Warkaris, their heart will be changed.

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  1. your contribution in sharing indian religion in details is so particular and perfect.  thanks for sharing the information about pandhrpur.

  2. Hi Sancheeta, sorry for the late reply, you know was offline whole day. 

    Thank you so much for your response. I was a bit sad, coz this info is so important and so far no responses. 

    I am so happy you found this particular and perfect. :)

  3. Well written.
    thanks for giving this knowledge ,as we all are going far away from our culture.
    Disappointing thing that First right of puja to politicians.

  4. That's true, don't know how can we get rid of this dirty politics!