Beautiful Rangolis by Sanskarbharati

11th July this year, was the day of Pandharpur Pilgrimage - called as Pandharpur Wari. I could not go to Pandharupur. But I got the Darshana of Lord Vithhalaa or Vithoba at temple in my city. I try to capture photos, but due to big crowd, I could not manage it. But while walking in the queue for The Darshana, I could manage to capture this photo of Beautiful Rangoli at the Vithoba Temple.

Rangoli is one of the best and beautiful traditions in Bharat - India according to Sanatan or in modern days which is called as Hindu Dharma.Rangoli is a holy design drawn in the yards of homes and at public places too on holy festivals like Diwali, on special occasions like marriage. Rangoli is drawn daily in yards at homes. 

Traditional Rangoli is drawn by placing points first on the yard by white Rangoli Powder. And then the points are joined to form a beautiful design. Then this design is filled with beautiful different colors. 

Rangoli includes specific symbols like 'Gopadma' - the shape of cow's paws, as cow is very very sacred. Bharateeya culture has always worshiped the cows, which is very vast topic to research and can't be discussed at this space.

Small designs of Rangolis are drawn while taking meals around the dish on special occasions. These also have specific symbols. Also drawn while celebrating Birthdays in front of the Birthday boy or girl on floor.

Nowadays The Rangoli Designs by Sanskarbharati are very popular. Sanskarbharati is the organization associated with Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangha - RSS, to preserve fine arts. Sanskarbharati is established in 1981 in Lakhnow in Uttar Pradesh state of Bharat - India. It has more than 1200 branches all over the country. Sanskarbharati is the fruit of devotion and tireless efforts from 1954 of Late Shri Bhaurav Devras, Late Shri Haribhau Vakankar, Late Shri Nanaji Deshmukh, Shri Madhavrao Devle and Shri Yogendra. More info HERE on wiki. Thanks to Wikipedia.

These Rangoli designs by Sanskarbharati are easier to draw than that  by placing points. Sanskarbharati has included basic holy symbols and Rangolis are drawn by various combinations of these symbols. As you are seeing in the above picture, most of the Rangolis are in Circular fashion. The above Rangoli is drawn by adding colorful lines over white Rangoli powder.

Another form includes this method - First circles are drawn by chalks, then colors are added in the circles. Then holy symbols are drawn by white Rangoli powder.

Rangolis are drawn by flowers too, which looks very very beautiful.

This Rangoli adds the joy in the celebrations. 

Due to increasing population, now people live in apartments. So it has become almost impossible to draw Rangoli daily. But still the popularity of Sanskarbharati's Rangoli designs is very high nowadays. Sanskarbharati has unique ideas too, they have made a Rangoli pen to draw Rangoli very easily instead of drawing it by hands. They have made color fillers too, which can easily fill colors with lesser time than to fill by hands.

Thanks to Sanskarbharati for preserving our Bharateeya beautiful and delightful tradition of Rangolis and for making this tradition so popular and comprehensive by adding innovative ideas in traditional methods. 

The Motto of Sanskarbharati is 

" सा कला या विमुक्तये"
"The thing which makes us free from all the evils is The Art"

In India, it is trend by some anti national elements to use word Safronization. This is abusive word. Anything related to RSS is called safronization. 

Safron is the color in the tri - colored flag of Bharat. So is it also wrong? 

Before opposing RSS with very very wrong words my request to such people who spread hatred among communities is please take the note of the contribution of RSS and Sanskarbharati towards our culture.