Awards of Love - Pt 3

This post is delayed because I was very disturbed and could not focus on work. But I realized, I am not alone now, I have a big family on Indi and FB and on my blogs. So I am back again with the same love and joy to share the feelings with all of you.

In the series of Awards, another surprise I have got from, my another blogging family.

Umesh Derebail ji who always encourage and support my blogging efforts has started a wonderful thread on forum, Best Bloggers In Different Categories. This is not a contest, but choice of bloggers. 

From left to right Pramodji, Umeshji, Hemal, 
Animesh, Arti, Poorvi, Sanjeetha 

From my Indi Friends,

Animesh Mishra has chosen me Best Blogger is Spirituality Category,
Arti has chosen me , Best blogger in Poetry category…………,
Anukruti has found my blog Interesting. 
And Again Sanjeetha Veni,  whom I call Sanj has chosen as Best blogger .

If you all wish to know the unconditional love and a true blogging family, do visit this thread Best Bloggers In Different Categories. I am not sharing this to brag about me, I haven't done anything, but see the love of all these  friends............
Umeshji, AnimeshHemalArti,  Sanjeetha Poorvi

I have no words for Pramodji . Only I can say, I always learn from him.

R-A-J, RanjithAhimazz Thanks a lot Friends.

This love, care and appreciation, is my strength to fight with the problems of life. 

I am really speechless...can't write anything more....

P. S.: The earlier parts of this series on First Blogoversary  
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  1. Congrats Mohu! ,
    Going superb! You deserve such wonderful awards :)
    Hmm, award by me is missing here..will be soon yours ..
    Love you and happy to see your sweet family... 
    Take care...

  2. Hi Simmo, my blog missed you ! Thanks for coming again. Love you, your family kya yaar, it's we all are together.! :) :) love you so much!

    Have I missed ? Sorry, :( :(!

  3. Oye kudiye, thank you thnak you! finding my name here was a surprise for me. we all need you on the forum for we all share the same passion and love with each there. its very true that IndiBlgger is our other family. I call it IndiBrotherhood. 

  4. Hi Hemal, sorry for late. First thank you thank you for calling me 'Kudiye' know....'Kudi ekdam khush...:D'

    I was about to send you mail just today. And ya our IndiBrotherhood, is so true, we share same love and passion...and I too can't live without our Indifamily, though I am regularly irregular on forum..but try to be regularly regular on indi....:)). It was surprise for me to see your comment. :)

  5. Thank you so much Mohini, you know I was waiting for this for long! When did you put this up?  I am sorry, I missed this :(

    Anyways, this is such an honour to be featured in that list and you are the best not only in poetry but more importantly as a person as well :)
    Keep smiling always, you have a long way to go :)))

  6. Hey, sorry, actually I had planned a series, but I had some serious probs in life. So this post taken a long time and again I was engaged in probs, so couldn't send you mail about this. It's something seriously I feel, I couldn't express love I feel about you. Still my dream ppt is incomplete and I think now it will be better coz I am in fresh mood now.

    About nice person, seriously tell you, as a person improvement is not possible alone or by reading books. I am very much changed and learnt a lot by you friends.

  7. Congrats Mohinee for completing one year of successful blogging. One thing that I liked about this blog is that it is Indian by nature and by heart. All the best for your blog...... and yourself too.

  8. Ranjith welcome to this cultural mission. Thank you so much for your sweet wishes and I am very happy you found this blog Indian by nature and by heart. :) :)