Awards of Love - Pt 2

The awards, the joy and the celebration of Milestones of Blogging continue ………... 

If you haven't read earlier parts, here are those - Awards of Love Pt- 1 and Countdown To Gurkripa's First Birthday.

In the journey of blogging, one day I got a beautiful surprise on Facebook a  new friend Alpana PrasadI always say, she is a magical woman; every word of her is magical. Her blog Motifs On The Wall is magical; her comments on other blogs are magical. I don’t know how she manages, but she reads many blogs and her genuine comment on every blog, make it beautiful.

Her sweet and caring nature formed a new home for bloggers on Facebook……Bloggers Reflection. She has made this group a big family.

And  one morning, I got a one more beautiful surprise and award from her,

Scanning 248 blogs without sleep, she has chosen The First Bloggers Reflections Awards of the Month – and she has chosen me for…………Genuine Blogger Award. 

Most importantly her decision is not based on her personal relations, as she has  mentioned there.

I always try to make every moment of life very special and unique…….the same in Blogging too. By The God’s grace, it is becoming successful which is proven by this award by Dearest Sis AlpanaI always love you Alpana. 

Alpana as I always say, I have no words for what you write, no words for what you do and no words for this award too........Only I can Say, be with me Always....I love you Sis!

I am so sorry Alpana and all of you; I am so late to give this best news to my readers.

But, when I can’t write from heart, can’t post too. We know current political turmoil has made every Indian disturbed. Same was the condition here too.


  1. congratulations the award is well deserved you are a genuine blogger thank you for blogging  and god bless  

  2. Thank you so much Roy Sir! I am happy you also felt, I deserve this award. Thanks for your wishes too..:) needed for further success.

  3. In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.Albert Schweitzer
    Thank you,Mohini for this wonderful dedication..u deserved it..take care of yourself,I am always here.

  4. Hi Alpana........your magical words.......again.......make my life beautiful. I am very happy, what you noticed about my blogging efforts. Was trying to write on this from many days. But was! Love you always! :) I am happy, you loved this post. This award is most memorable for me, coz it's by you, it's first from Bloggers Reflection group and when I am completing one year of blogging. :)

  5. yes...if any one in the group deserve this "genuine Blogger Award", its YOU.....and my sincere congratulations to you for getting it, and i personally thank Alpana ji to pass this to you.....
    As i know you from ur write ups n ur activities at other social networks, i agree that you are emotional person and you really write with heart..its always good to pour your heart into ur writings but being this much emotional in this materialistic age is always not good.....:Pany ways Congrats once again for the well deserved award.

  6. Hello Irfanji! Thanks so much for such sweet words.......(my eye late reply sorry....).

    So as I feel about your deserve the same.

    That's true so much emotional not so much good.....I try to improve always........:D !

    Thanks once again, keep encouraging...........! :)

  7. Hey, Extremely sorry sandy........for the late....Thank you so much dear, and me too love your blog.