Awards of Love - Pt 1

I always day dream that I will get highest awards. But never thought, that the dream will come true so soon. As a part of Countdown To Gurukripa's First Birthday, sharing Milestones in blogging - 'The Blogging Awards'. Sorry for the late...........from the heart. Your awards are so Precious for me......I can't tell you.

First I received, 'Versatile Blogger Award' by Sandy who writes at Confusedyuppie
Here are that beautiful words, which came as wonderful surprise for my little efforts,

"I have been following your blog for sometime now and its brilliant! So I am giving the versatile blogger award to you! Check it out at I am now waiting to read your random facts. Cheers"

According to the rules,  I am supposed to write 7 facts about me and pass the award to 15 bloggers.

Then received, The 'Stylish Blogger Award' 

Geeta Singh's Stimulation of Mind
Monu Awalla's Soul Tune
Harshal Patel's Think Once....!!, Different Thinking, 
Madhumathi's Words That Her Heart Speaks 
Sanjeetha's Young Turk.....!

So many awards........all of them felt my blogging stylish. I have no words for these awards. 

Because, there is no award bigger than "Your Love". I have no words to say thanks, and I won't say thanks because,

Love is beyond the limitations of words and can we bound It in some limits? 

Here, the rules are again similar. 

So, to give 7 + 7 - 14 facts about me. I have uploaded, my stylish power point presentation "Abt Me."  This is was entry for last year's Slideshare PPT Contest, when I was not in the blogging world. 

Abt me

View more presentations from Mohini Puranik

Now, 7 more facts about me.

1.  I love to dream, dream and dream!   I dream a lot, without any limitations because I know, those who deserve can dream. And by the God’s grace, I am confident; I am going to see my dreams in reality. And more than that. 

I never thought that, I will be so social and I will be loved by wonderful friends like you. But now I am living it.

2.  I love acting, but it is just for fun, when I am with family and friends, not to cheat anybody or not as professional career. I love to perform especially satirical political comedy.

3.  I lose my temper, when I meet liar, really can't control my anger. And I can't lie. I mean I don't say that I never tell lies, sometimes some things make us lie. But if I try, anybody can understand I am trying to tell a face become more and more childish and innocent as if I am doing world's greatest sin.

4. I love to read body language, it is a great fun especially when we are at public places. ( Beware! I can read meanings of handshakes, smiles, laughter, eyes............).

5. I dare to take risky decisions, may they result in success or failure but I take all responsibily and don't blame others for failure occurred because of my decisions. 

6.  I always try to keep good relation from the heart, never intentionally cheat. But as nobody is perfect mistakes or misunderstandings happen. This doesn't mean I am a bad person. The people who understand this purity and innocence, love me a lot and feel my love always. This looks as if I am giving explanation to somebody. When anybody talks like me, as if giving explanation, having too much guilty feeling which is unnecessary, something wrong must have happened. The person get depressed and can not control emotions. I just want to convey a message, such mistake should not happen by us, because of which our loved ones will get such guilty feeling. This is not love which makes feel like a culprit to your loved one. Especially this happens between parents and kids relation. This can destroy life of your loved one forever. It is very hard to heal a wounded heart.

7.  I wish to have a life on highest moral principles, (though they look outdated now.) Because, the morality is the only secreat of courage, peace of mind and basically sound sleep. But this is very hard because our mind gives justification for our wrong behavior.....still it is always good to try for the best.

Now, I am very happy to Pass The Versatile and The Stylish blogger award to ………………….

Poorvi Shrivastava - Look Ahead
Hema Nimbekar - Few Magical Words
Divya Shrivastava - Zeal
Monica Verma - Juicermixergrinder
Someone Is Special - Few Miles
Jerly Thomas Thinking Space
Sancheeta Biswas - Sensitivity
Melissa Tandoc - Depth
Vyshnavi Katta - The Colorful Eyes
Narendra Reddy - reddyzviews
Kunjan Detroja - Medico's Dream Of IIM
Rajeev - Krazy Memoirs
Aditya Joshi -  Adityay Namaha ( आदित्याय नम: - Marathi)
Animesh Mishra - Just Like That
Ram Singh - Impulsive Thoughts 

I am fan of blogging of all of you. You all are wonderful people. I love your style of blogging. Now, we all will love to know seven facts about you and please pass these awards to 15 more wonderful bloggers. 

Rules : Thank and link back to the person who sent you the award. Share seven things about you. Spread the love and honor. Award recently discovered bloggers. Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award. 

I am very thankful to the great person who has created these awards  to spread the  love, appreciation and encouragement in the blogging world.

Hey Dear Friends! Please keep your love to my blog and blogging ……growing. 

I am very very happy today, I never knew, when I entered the blogging world, that such wonderful gifts, treasures, friends and awards are waiting for me ahead.

I am very excited, what will be next?

Last but not the least, ( from my award ceremony speech ..........such a beautiful feeling )………..

This is for my dearest brother Deepak………! Your little dearest Chutki is waiting for The Precious 'Award of love' by you for completing one year of blogging……..whatever  you feel……….'.good or bad'………..about my blogging……!

There are many more awards yet to be shared...... so stay tuned. :)

I pray to The God to give me knowledge and strength to write more beautiful posts.


  1. thank u for the award mohini...and it was good knowing such lovely things about you. take care.

  2. Hi Kunjan! Thanks a lot, waiting for your lovely things. :)

    congrats!! all award winners.. 

  4. Thanks .....Amazing, Stylish, Intelligent, Living Wonder GeetS

  5. Wow... :) U are so much happy!..Can find in ur words..:) :) 
    Hope, god bless you with more happiness..:)
    Love ya..!!


  6. Best wishes from the heart. GOD BLESS YOU.

  7. Hey Madhu! Thanks ya I am so happy always........! And I have got wonderful friends like you.......which keep me happy always.....Thanks dear love you too..............<3

  8. Hey Madhu! Thanks dear....I am so happy .always..........and friends like you make me happy more happy.............Love you too sweetie.........<3

  9. :) :) love you dada!

  10. Thank you so much Mo...!!    Juz No words .. it's an awesome feeling to know it...
    Yippiieeee I've been awarded.. Wow !!!

    And that's so cute, to know abt ur facts, Ur principles ..  :)  Juz Keep it up..

    Keep visiting n keep smiling :)

  11. poorvi shrivastavJune 4, 2011 at 5:38 PM

    Happy Blogging B'day Mohini .. :) May you complete all those 2,3,4... N years and write better and better each day ..

  12. Hi Poorvi! Welcome to my blog dear, I am so happy to see you on my blog. And thanks such a sweet and wonderful wish..........uncountable wish.........! Really loved it, thank you so much. :). I really love your sensitive writing.

  13. Hi Vy! Welcome dear........I am very happpppy to see you! and your beautiful eyes on my blog. I love your sweet blog always ........:) :) Thanksssssssss so sweet :)

  14. grand achievements. keep it up.

  15. Someone is SpecialJune 4, 2011 at 10:56 PM

    Thank you so much for the awards Mohini.. SmileS..

    Someone is Special

  16. Congrats to all the winners :) my best wishes :)

  17. Congrats for the well deserved award.....wish you get recognized  more n more in the blogging world....

    and nice to know little more about you...honest disclosures by you, and i too like reading others by body languages, sometimes it really helps a lot.....

  18. You deserve all the best for what YOU are. Keep it up.

  19. CONGRATS Dear, may you achieve all that you deserve and desire and much more... You are a superstar, keep it up... Heartiest congrats on completing one year too... and heres wishing you many more too :) My love, and best wishes always with you... Keep it going strong :))))

  20. Thanks a lot Pramodji! After a long time.......we missed your presence and beautiful thoughts here. :) Please keep coming. :)

  21.  Mohi...:)
    Really loved your 7 facts from my heart ..!!
    And congos for the award :)
    Always I would love your blog..:)

  22. Hi Saravana, you deserve it, I love your writing. :) PleasureS :)

  23. Irfanji Thanks a lot! Thanks for all your sweet wishes.

    And happy you liked, facts about me. Body lang helps in professional life also a lot. Especially, when the conversation is going in wrong direction, we can change it.

  24. Thanks a lot Shriram Sir! BEAUTIFUL wish thanks from the heart.

  25. words........Superstar........and me! Blushing.....! Your sweet wishes, love and encouragement is God's gift and love for me. :)))). I told you every success is incomplete without you Dear! Love !

  26. Thanks a lot Sanj for your sweet love and award too. I really have no words. Sweet friend, missing our old days of ROFL! :(

    Very happy, you loved my facts...this is what I am! :)

  27. I am extremely sorry for the late replies friends. Was discussing the issue on yesterday's brutal action by Indian Govt. 

  28. This is one more beautiful thought recieved, don't know why, but not visible, so I am reposting it.
    Congrats to all the winners :) my best wishes :) 
    Posted by sureshpeters @software buzzer to Gurukripa-Indian Culture 'N' Philosophy  at June 4, 2011 11:15 PM Suresh Peters Welcome Friend! Thanks a lot for your best wishes and liking and joining this mission too. :)

  29. I hope your GURUKRIPA blog is used as reference for future generations, remember you are making a mark on sands of time as the old saying goes. Like an architect who leaves a landmark, you are creating a landmark on the virtual world, that is the biggest motivation for anybody. Keep blogging, congrats in advance for your first anniversary.

  30. congratulations!!

    You deserve more and more love from readers!

    I love your blog and your style of writing on divinity :)

    Wishing you good luck and more happiness,

  31. Hi Gowthami! Thanks a lot dear sweetie. Thanks for sweet, sweet wishes. I am so happy you loved my thoughts. :) :) hey keep sharing your views.

  32. I hope your GURUKRIPA blog is used as reference for future generations, remember you are making a mark on sands of time as the old saying goes. Like an architect who leaves a landmark, you are creating a landmark on the virtual world, that is the biggest motivation for anybody. Keep blogging, congrats in advance for your first anniversary. Posted by Deguide to Gurukripa-Indian Culture 'N' Philosophy at June 6, 2011 8:42 AM

  33. Umeshji Namaste!

    Your comment was not visible, thankfully retrieved.

    I have no words for your encouragement. While starting the blogging, writing and even in daily life, my mission and dream is the same what you have wished. I don't know how I am doing for that, but always will try my best.

    You have noticed the feelings behind the writing. I am so happy.

    I have no words to thank you. Please keep your support and guidance always. :) :)

  34. Congrats truly deserve this....and thanks..for the award...
    and sorry for late comment....

  35. Thanks a lot Hema. I love your blog on different subjects, it's very nice. No prob. dear. Keep coming!

  36. sorry man mohini, i thought that i already commented cause i visited this post already. now again i find i did not comment at all. so sorry, my sis. 

    first of all you deserve all the beautiful things in life. awards are a part of it, congrats for the award. i was really surprised and jumped with joy when that day i saw i was tagged. harshal and you both have nominated me. i will write for both of you. but i need some time. i adore you a lot. and bless and pray for more of your achievements.

  37. Hi Sanchu Di! Don't be sorry dear! It's OK. but ya! I was desperately waiting for your comment. I am so happy, that you loved the award.

    Waiting for your reply.

    No words for your prayers and's my strength

  38. ummm... emmmm.. well no excuses, but wanna wish you my heartfelt congratulations for celebrating one year blog! you are one different person who is driven by the love and affection, emotional but as much knowledgeable. many more years to go! Congratulations and Celebrations! Hurry!!

  39. Wow thank you.....two comments by Hemal on the same day........"Kudi double khush." it's like balle balle today.....Coz GPR is also 2.

    You are not late, coz this series is started one month B'day of my baby blog. Thank you so much for you sweet wishes......Kudi Triple Khush. :))