Universal Brotherhood Day

My Sadgurudeva, H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj has announced 15Th May as the Universal Brotherhood Day.  6.06 AM to 6.27 AM (At your local time Local Time ).

I invite you all on behalf of my Param Pujaneey Sadgurudeva to join for the Universal Brotherhood Day- Global Mahayoga Trial for All. Feel the Universal Brotherhood forgetting all the differences of cast, race, sex, relegion , age, countries and be the part of a small family, "The Whole Earth." 

We all know the prayer by the ancient Indian sages, "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" - The whole earth as one family. Let's join to experience this prayer.

H. H. Shri Sadurudeva is spreading this massage from many years. He is 84 yrs old now. He has told all of us to spread this massage.
But for some years, actually I couldn't understand the meaning of the massage, He is living, preaching and spreading. So I didn't tried to spread the massage. Now, I am writing this because now, by The Grace of the Sadgurudeva or The God I have realized the meaning and importance of this massage. More and more I realize, the massage, its importance for world peace, humanity and the Universal Brotherhood,  more I feel happy. I am feeling such a bliss from inside and wish to share this with all the world. This is so simple, this is so revolutionary.

So, let's see, how is it? Gurudeva says, "Though, there are lots of differences in us, but one thing is common, that is our breathing. Though we worship the God, Allah, Lord Rama or Lord Krishna, but we can do so, only because we are alive, we are breathing, we have 'The Prana'. We read Shrimadbhagwadgeeta, Quran or Bible, it is possible because we are breathing. So this air is Mother of all of us, who has kept us alive and so we are brothers." (Written in my words, what I always listen in His preachings)

Yes! We are all brothers. This feeling gives such a joy and a flow of divine love from inside, removes all the negativity and hatred from our mind. It is difficult that mind will be always in such state, but at least we start feeling this and day by day this feeling remains stable for more time. This makes our life so beautiful.

He doesn't wish to make people His followers but He wishes people may become followers of 'Prana' - The God.  Prana is our God, because without prana human is not human but only a dead body. 

So you can join the Universal Brotherhood Day, by observing the following things at the time  6.06 AM to 6.27 AM (according to your Local Time Zone ) on 15 th May ..... Here I am quoting the massage by H. H. Shri Sadgurudeva, from the official website of http://mahayoga.org/. The original link is HERE.

I have faith because, He lives the life of a common man!

Astonishing Introductory Mahayoga (Siddhayoga) Trial On 15th May 2011, from 6.06 AM to 6.27 AM (LOCAL TIME) for all. Follow the clock in your own country/timezone.
Subject: Spread of Introductory Mahayoga (Siddhayoga) For Everybody on Earth's Face (on 15th May 2011, from 6.06 AM to 6.27 AM for 21 minutes)
Respected Sir,
  1. For world wide spread of the Mahayoga (Siddhayoga) it is intended to have a GLOBAL TRIAL to uplift every individual by this marvelous At No Cost, Simplest and Highest Introductory Mahayoga Shaktipat (Siddhayoga) Method.
  2. The proximity of the individual for this introductory trial is not a must but his acceptance by actual practice on 15th May 2011, from 6.06 AM to 6.27 AM for 21 minutes is highly important.
  3. Everybody is eligible for the Global Trial barring all differences of race-religion, caste, sex, age etc.
  4. The above Introductory Mahayoga (Siddhayoga) Trial would help to prove UNIVERSAL BROTHER-HOOD BY SHAKTIPAT METHOD of P.P.SHRI LOKANATHTIRTH SWAMI MAHARAJ
  5. Kindly utilize all known methods for canvassing this date 15th May 2011 and time, in all other languages too, to let others participate in this Global trial.

Global Trial For All -
  1. In sitting position, calmly close the eyes - Instantly observing a wave from the back-bone.
  2. Relax the body to the maximum, as if the body is not there. The more you relax the more you will enjoy.
  3. Let mind experience Involuntary breathing during the period, on 15th May 2011, from 6.06 AM to 6.27 AM (Local Time). Follow the clock in your own country/timezone.
  4. India from immemorial times believes -
    1. World as ONE NATION.
    2. Whereever sea touches, one boundary line and wherever the air reaches, as other boundary.
    3. Pranashakti / Life Force / Mother Energy is undoubtedly common basis for all human beings.
  5. Please report your observations on the following address -
    P.P.Shri LokanathTirth Swami Maharaj Mahayoga Trust,
    Shriranga Nagar, Gangapur Road, NASHIK-422 013.
    Phone: +91-253-2311616
    E-mail: mahayoga_kaka@yahoo.com
  6. KINDLY REFER WEBSITE: www.mahayoga.org for more details on Mahayoga."
Yours affectionately,
Chief Trustee

P. S. : Image Courtesy   www.mahayoga.org . 


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  9. If we all are one why can't we read and practice bible where the definition of love is given and which is introducing the true god with true love 

  10. Reebagypson welocme. Our conflicting mind doesn't allow us to realize that we all are one..this realization is beyond the limits of mind. But what we realize as the true god with true love.....we can spread. To realize and feel this love the above path is the simplest.