22 May 2011

I Wanna Die

I want to Die
Yes! I wanna Die
Don't wanna Say,
Truth or Lie
But just wanna Say
I wanna Die!
Don't wanna See
Who's gonna miss or Cry
But I just Wanna
Just wanna Die!!
Don't want the Love
Don't wanna be Loved
     Don't wanna Hate
Don't wanna Be Hated
Whatever may Happen
Around my World
But I just Wanna
Just wanna Die 
Hey! I wanna Die!
Yes! I wanna Die!!
Die in Devotion
I wanna Die 'Myself'
My 'Ego' in the Devotion
Yes! Friends!
"I Really Want To DIE!"

This poem is simply written, what heart was saying, in emotions. But, when I read It again and again, I realize, this poem has very very deep meaning. The spirituality is explained in very simple words, in this poem, the highest goal of life - self - realization, when our Ego melts in devotion, naturally we are free from all the material restrictions. Here, Devotion is not just the devotion for The God - The ParamIshawar, but The Devotion for our work, devotion for our duties, devotion for our loved ones, having highest love in everything we do, naturally. We don't feel, "I am loving" or "I am loving somebody or something", instead we feel only "LOVE!" Every little work we do, becomes most beautiful. Every word we utter comes with full of love, our simple face, simple smile becomes most beautiful without any effort, without any reason. If happens, just because love is expressed in everything we do. The God is expressed in this Love. Never thought The Bhaktiyoga and The Karmayoga, can be practically experienced in life with these simple words The God has given to me. Many people have lots of arguments about the existence of The God, but don't we experience The God in Love?


  1. Wow!
    Recommendable poem with agreeable explanation!.. Very well you explained  the feelings comes when one realizes his faults!
    Beautifully penned :)
    Take care!!

  2.  Hi ! Simran! What a wonderful appreciation, immediately! LOVE YOU Sweetie! You are wonderful! :) :) loved your thought dear, I am very happy, you always give response immediately!

  3.  if that's the case...then i want to die too...

  4.  wonderful! i was scared at the beginning, relieved at the end. you have described love in a wider prospect, you have killed the ego for the sake of LOVE. the realization is important. your poem has motivated me a lot.

  5. So sweet Melissa! Ya true........love to die in love! :) Love you dear, thanks a lot! 

  6.  that is what life is about well done . thank you and god bless

  7.  Mohini,I wish I could think as deeply as you do,but I don't,and that is where I fail,I am in a super emotional mess right now,so please forgive me...for not talking to you...just give me some time.

  8.  Hi Sancheeta Di! Sorry for late reply! You are so loving and caring, sorry I felt you all will be scared. But that's what my thoughts were going on when wrote, this one, was very sad, but got the real answer of sadness!

    I am very happy, you feel this power of motivation in these words which are God Gift for me!  

    Love you a lot! :)

  9. Roy Sir! Welcome to my blog, very happy you agreed and  liked   this vision towards life and love! Thanks a lot for your divine wishes!

  10.  What are you saying Alpana Di! I learn a lot about life from your articles and your every word is magical for me. Please do take care and don't take overload of work. Never say like forgive me!  You give love in all relations from the heart! But always take good care of yourself!

  11. hey that is grt one.....even i wanna die in Devotion.....well penned...

  12. Hi Hema! Love dear, I am very happy you are too dieing like me!!! :) 

  13.  But far the explanation in the last, a commoner may feel it to be negative and depressing .

  14. Nothing justify the violence, definitely the insurgent numbers will increase, unfortunately. By the way, I'm following on Google, number 33, as the name Damiao Carlos. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Thanks a lot Shriam Sir for your vision on this poem! It was negative at the starting, but finally turned to positive, I thought if anybody is in depressive thoughts, and want to end the life, better way is to dedicate ourself to our duties, it we believe in The God in devotion, and our work too! :)

  16. Hi Damino Carlos! Welcome to my blog! Thanks a lot for taking time to read my views and following too! I think you have given this vision of previous article, India and Terrorism! Nothing justify violence, I agree with you! In the case of India, wrong policies lead to this big problem of Terrorism! Strong policies and strong actions, will save lives of innocent people!

  17. Very Nice as always, I am speechless, short of words whenever I am here! You write so well and words which have a meaning too :))))

  18. Hi Arti! After a long time dear, me and my blog missed you a lot here!  Thanks for all such sweet sweet words.......loads of love..........! :))))))))!

  19. Truly speaking, I could not understand where the spiritual part was there and why should you write such a depressing poem. DID NOT LIKE IT

  20. Spiritual part in last lines of poem, I was in very sad mood, and felt such thoughts but realized if I work with full heart, that will be true devotion and real dieing! When we get focussed on our work, we totally forget ourself! So, that's what I realized.

    Thanks a lot for your honest opinion! :) :)

  21. Thankfully you realized it. Death is not a solution, it never was.

  22. Ya! I know, but I don't control thoughts which naturally come in mind, let them go, finally I realize the ultimate goal of life! Many people go through this situation and if they read this poem, they may realize where they are going wrong! :) Thanks for all your care and concern! Lucky to have a friend like you!

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