Happy Maharashtra Day!

Today the May 1st is celebrated as Maharashtra Day. The day when Maharashtra attained the statehood on 1st of May 1960. After the sacrifice of 105 martyrs. Yes! In Independent India, they became Martyrs. The history of Maharashtra day, I found here on Celebrating Maharashtra Day,  on Ummid.com. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to study this history, nobody thought us. This is called as Indian politics, where such history is ignored, by which our generations will feel proud of our culture and nation. 

I love the diversity of India, all the cultures present here, festivals celebrated and all the languages too. But Maharashtra is my birth place, I am so proud to be a Maharashtrian, a Marathi! Please don't think that I am making some 'Prantavad!'

But I know, what this place has given to me, this Marathi language, she is my mother. First started writing in this language only. Saint Dnayaneshwar Maharaj has said,"Amrutatahi Paija Jinke!" My Marathi is more precius than Amrit!

This state has always given the national leaders. The little boy "Shivba" who conquered the Torna Fort at the age of 16. A teenager, who loved his country and give the freedom to this land.  Oh! Why do we think that teenage, sweet 16 is to waste the time on so called love only, which is rather just infatuation?, because this history is ignored in our own country. The little "Shivba" became the "Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj" one day.

Do we know, his kingdom was officially, acknowledged by other rulers that time? Even in Wikepedia, the meaning of 'Chatrapati' is given as  Emperor. After that some misinterpreters of spirituality, non - voilence and politics, declared him wrong. I don't know what this so  called non - voilence has given to us, when we all know what happened during partition of India. 

This Marathi land has given the warriors and rulers like Peshwas.

And how can the history of Indian freedom struggle, from British Raj will be completed, without, Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak ji, Veer Savarkarji? We can't forget the three Savarkar Brothers, two of them were in life imprisonment at Andaman for 'Kala Pani '! We are forced to forget them, and our new generations don't know much about them. They better know the history of IPL! One more thing, from some days, all the newspapers are filled with royal wedding, let's not forget that these royal people have destroyed the kingdoms of all our royal families.  I mean how can  be the kings in India, totally worthless, when this royal family still lives in the world like royal blood

This land has given the saints like Dyaneshwar, Saint Ramadas - who was the spiritual master - The Sadguru of "Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj", Saint Namdev, Saint Tukaram.........I can't count names, and can't write about them just in few lines. By their highest spiritual life, devotion and preachings, Abhangas (Devotional poems written by them ), they have given the eternal truths of happiness and bliss. How to reach the highest goal of life by devotion, by simplest way of chanting The name of The God.

Dnyaneshwar is also another teenager, when he wrote big spiritual epic "Dyaneshwari - BhavarthDeepika." This epic is the commentary on Shrimadbhagwadgeeta, written by this little boy. (After thinking on this again and again I feel, where I have wasted my life? )

There are many more things about this Marathi Soil. I can't collect it in one article.

Love and respect all cultures but don't hate your own culture, your mother. To love Marathi, Maharashtra can not be any political issue, if anybody or many are doing this, ignore such things. 

But Love This Marathi Soil...........though you may be, from any region and part of the India and world too.

Finally wish to celebrate this day by remembering, the song which was written during the days of movement for Maharashtra as a Marathi state -  

"Garja Maharashtra Majha........!"  

PS: The remix of this song is completely different from this original one. Unfortunately I couldn't find it on You Tube, to share with you all. Sorry for that!


  1. Inspiring article.Excellent.
    Summarized perfectly glory & contribution of Maharashtra to the Nation.
    Remembered all from Chartapati Shivaji Maharaj to Veer Savarkar, Lokamanya Tilak etc.That's true we have forgotten them.

  2. Dada! Just Summarized, need to add lot more!

  3. Gagan! Welcome friend! Thanks a lot for your appreciation and wishes!

  4. Jai Maharashtra..Very well written,Mohini,JAI JAI MAHARASHTRA MAZA, GARZA MAHARASHTRA MERA!

  5. i was born in bombay and now mumbai of maharashtra. so i have a deep down feelings deep in my heart for maharashtra, JAI MAHARASHTRA.

  6. Hi Alpana! Thanks for the appreciation. That's a great boost to write! :). Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha!

  7. Fatansy...I mean Sancheeta Hi dear! Glad to know you are born in Mumbai. Thanks for your response. Mumbai is always our beloved ! JAI MAHARASHTRA!

  8. Fantastic Mohini keep it up and very Happy Maharashtra day.

  9. Thanks a lot Ram for your appreciation and wishes too! :)

  10. I am from delhi..born in delhi...but i know what Maharashtra meant to you...just like Delhi meat for me....
    WE ALL ARE INDIANS....but still we are very much connected to our own local zone/state...it is Diversity in Unity....but still we are United...

    Don't know about that day...it is very informative post..



  11. HI Hema, Thanks a lot dear! very nice words thanks for your appreciation great wishes!