'Countdown to Birthday of Gurukripa' - Pt -1

H. H. Sadgurudeva in U. S. in 2007

This 4th July 2011 is very very special day for me. I will be completing first year of my blogging, first year of my mission to spread Indian Culture and Philosophy of Advaita and Universal Brotherhood by Mahayoga. This site will become one year old. And you all are invited to join the celebrations and the mission too. This dream of me, seems to be dream of The God which is coming true now! Otherwise, who am I to do all this so successfully?

I am very happy, to share the experience of blogging, the mission in the form of blogging, milestones of blogging and social life after blogging, happy moments which are close to my heart in this countdown. I can't summarize all this in one article, so it will be exciting to know about this little journey in the form of series. I love to make every Birthday special, to give  surprise to everyone on their Birthday. 

Now, this is the Birthday of my blog, my love, my little baby, I don't know what will be surprise for me, this time! And this blog is started on the Birthday of my Sadgurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj , to whom this blog is dedicated. That is why it has the name Gurukripa. That is why, the url is narayankripa.blogspot.com. I wish to remember His name, every moment of blogging and every moment of my life. I have no fear about the success of my career as blogger and writer, because, He is my first reader. I have started publishing my thoughts, because He has told me to spread the bliss I am feeling in my life. I can write because of His blessings and He has given special blessings to all my further writing too. You know, the reason of all these special blessings, because first poem written by me and shown to Him was on Lord Shrirama. It is in Marathi and it is Highly devotional. He becomes very happy, for devotional things.

As this blog is dedicated to Him, and my life too to His mission to spread Universal Brotherhood by Mahayoga, forgetting the differences of cast, creed, sex, age, religion. This blog is started on His Birthday. And you know, something very special, He is born in my city, Dhule. Actually His Birthday is on 3rd July and I see my first post is posted on 4th July 12:50 am. This mistake happened because I guess, people celebrate His Birthday according to Tithi - Hindu Calender. So, I always get confused by date or Tithi.

The first post, I have written is on Lord Shrirama- my best friend Lord Shrirama - The Best Leader ! I believe in love and I believe in God. There is no means to know love and The God, we only can experience them. He is with me in every good and bad moment, I can feel Him, so first post wrote on Lord Shrirama. 

After that, this journey started and it has become mission now. This 1 year of blogging has given me,a new identity, success and The Love from All of You

This Love is  my strength and you all the forms of The God, my Sadgurudeva.

My crores of pranamas to My Sadgurudeva and You all! Please be with me in this mission!  

P.S. : H. H. Sadgurudeva's image captured from His videos in U. S.


  1. 1st of all my sincere congratulation on completing one yr of ur blog space.....

    Blogging is always a way to satisfy ourself with expressing views and interacting with like minded people on the issues which we feel are good to share at our respective space....

    when some one like you blog with special cause n mission its more satisfying than someone like me, who do blogging just as a hobby.....So i wish you all success for ur mission....

    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks a lot Irfanji, first best wish on celebration. It's encouragement and cooperation of friends like you, I am reaching new success in life.

    Though you feel your blog as just a hobby, still, it's most difficult thing to leave a big thought in readers' mind by simple 'Apni Boli.'

    Thanks a ton for joining and encouraging me, please be with us in the mission.

  3. Wow! That's a great news and i congratulate for your tireless blogging for 1 year..and hope you continue this..:)

    Btw, that's a nice post...and love your idea to promote  indian culture and philosophy :)

    Cheers ^_^

  4. And.. you are tagged in this post :)

  5. Thanks Madhu! Tireless blogging! Oh thanks a lot for noticing all those hard work of days and nights......! Ya! Trying to make my blog more and more as a professional site.

    love you! 

    :) :)! 

  6. Thanks for tagging me Madhu! What a wonderful post indeed! It's cool to read but hard to answer. :D! Thanks for sharing too!

  7. Wow!!
    I'm so excited :)
    I'm so happy to see that how much you respect your Teacher and your devotion towards the God .
    Lot's of wishes and love to you and your beautiful blog :)
    Keep your heart as pure as it is .. :)

  8. So sweet of you sweet Simran! You are always sweet! Thanks dear love you a lot! 

    Sadgurudeva has thaught me, not to hate anybody, and spread love. This has made my life peaceful and blissful. Devotion makes us purest!

    I love you a lot! I am also excited.......and will share many more sweet moments!.........Your love is success of me and my blog and award for me! :)

    loads of love!

  9. Each of us has different talents,different dreams and different destinations, yet we all have the power to make a new tomorrow.Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. This respect and love for your teacher will take you places..keep writing,Mohini.

  10. congrats man mohini, we all will together celebrate the completion of the one year of your blog.

    everyone has their own destinations. the more i am close the more i find you a devotee of knowledge. you love to seek more and more, yet there is the hunger in you, the want to know more. you are different in your thoughts. love the way you are.

    jai sri krishna.

  11. I am sorry Alpana! Net was disconnected the whole day, so I couldn't reply you.

    You again made me silent Alpana! Your magical words and magical love, luckiest person is me, who is getting this!
    Ya! I have all this divine thoughts because of my Sadgurudeva, and His life is on highest moral values, so I always pray, my life should be on the highest moral values, so that He can feel proud of me! 

    Please always be with me! I love you a lot. I can't tell you in words, Alpana didi! :)

  12. Hi Sanchu Didu! ya! Traditional Bengali Indian Beauty! We will celebrate with a big big jashna! I wish I could arrange real party too!

    You have found absolutely true things of my nature. I am life long learner, and never satisfy by my knowledge. I love you too a lot! Our thoughts match deep from the heart.

    Jai Shri Krishna! :)

  13. All the best on this anniversary for purposeful blogging.

  14. Thanks a lot Sir! Your views are very precious for me! Please keep guiding ! :)

  15. congrats for completion of 1 year.

  16. Thanks a lot SM! :)

  17. Mohini ji , It's nice to know about your mission . May God give you courage and strength to continue with this pious mission. My heartiest congratulation on completing this successful one year.

  18. Divyaji Namaste ! I am extremely sorry for the late reply.

    Thanks a ton for your best wishes, these are not just wishes but your love towards our country and my mission and me too. When the wish comes from love, it becomes true. Your wishes are sign of further success. 

    Please be with us, in the mission. Your encouragement is very important for me. :)

  19. i can meet sadguru

  20. Hi Hemant, welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting here. Yes! You can He is in Nasik and Pune mostly, and by contacting in the Ashram of Pune or Nasik you will get when he is free.