Beauty - The God Gift

Yesterday, my beloved beautiful Geeta Didi, inspired me to write on the subject of beauty, so her wish is here, in the form this article. My Geeta Didi is beautiful and her sites Amazing Facts and Site For Kids  are for the students and kids, which are very useful for study. By this way, working for innocent kids, she is adding beauty to the word beauty. 

This article is a prayer to The God, to make me most beautiful.

The beautiful image is of Lord Shrirama, Lord Lakshmana and Mother Goddess Sitaji. I didn't use to go in temple, though I have faith in The God.
One day, I went in the temple from where this image is, some years back! And from that  time, I realized the existence of The God in temple! Now, I can't stop myself meeting Lord Shrirama again and again. On one beautiful morning, I went there, that time Lord Shrirama was becoming ready to meet everybody. I attended the morning Arti (The ritual, in which The God is praised by a special divine song.) After Arti and captured this image, to share with you all.

Your beauty has made me Mad! 

I always wished to be the most beautiful woman of this world. So, this is my prayer to the God to make me very very beautiful.

"Oh God! Please make me beautiful! Only you can do this because, nothing is more beautiful than you and whenever, wherever I feel the beauty and the love, it is the expression of You only. Names, may be different, faces may be different. But, You are expressed everywhere. You are most beautiful and You have created this beautiful world. Please make me beautiful! I am your child and whatever I wish, I always tell You. Please fulfill this wish also; You have already made my life complete and beautiful.

I wish, my eyes may become world’s most beautiful eyes. Please make them such; they should never see drawbacks in others.  Rather, these eyes may see form of You in everything and everybody I meet!

Oh My Dearest God!  My Dearest Lord Shrirama! Please make my smile, my lips most beautiful.  My smile should never be fake. I can say, You. By such words…….like 'should' because, You are my best friend. You were always with me and will always be. My smile and laughter should not be such, which will hurt others, ridicule others. I am not a perfect human being. So, I need your grace while taking a little single step in my life. I can’t be perfect, by my efforts.

Please make my mind purer and purer, which will make me beautiful always. 

Please make my voice sweetest and most pleasant.

Make me such, I should never tell a lie and never tell such truth which will break any heart. Please listen to my prayer! Oh God! 

Oh God! Please make my hands and fingers most beautiful.  My hands and fingers be always engaged in selfless deeds, to erase the tears from others’ lives.

My  every smile, my every word, my every work, my every look should be such which may spread beautiful  smile on every face all over the world.

I always wish to chant Your beautiful name…..! And let my eyes have those beautiful pearls…which come in the form of tears, when I miss You and when I love You! World may call me mad, but these tears make me pure, fill my heart with love and make me beautiful!

But, my beauty may not be the beauty of a weak person. Make me strong from inside. Please make me such that, I will never compromise with Highest moral values. I may have to live alone, but I don’t want to make my face ugly and cruel, by changing the moral values just for myself or favoring the injustice. I don’t want to please others by compromising the moral values, based on Truth and Justice. 

I wish every breath of my life may be for spreading the message and love of Universal Brotherhood thought by my Sadgurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Maharaj. My every moment  of life may spend for my beloved Mother India, which is the Mother of the world too.

I am in tears, my beloved God please make me beautiful. I don’t want name, I don’t want fame, in which I will forget You…………!

But I wish, You be expressed in my heart, from my smile, from my work and from my words.

Let my Ego melt in the love of You! 

Then ‘I’ will become ‘You’! And I will be the most beautiful person in this world, because then You will be expressed by ‘ME’!"


  1. Very very Beautiful !
    GOD bless you
    May your all wishes come true.

  2. Awesome!!
    This is my most fav. post ..
    Mohu, I 'm so happy to see that how beautifully you have expressed the ''REAL BEAUTY OF LIFE'' . Very impressive , indeed!
    Your posts always made me think of more possibilities of a broad way!
    Very cutely expressed!
    Best of luck, Mohu :)
    Take care!!

  3. Such a nice prayer.. hope god does listen to you.. and yeah, you dont need to be beautiful from outside, what really matters is the inside beauty. Check out my post about it.. :D

  4. I love you Dada!
    You are inspiring!
    I am really blessed!
    May you always love my posts!

  5. Love You Sweetie! Your sweet words, are sweetest thing in this world! Love you a lot again! I am very happy, you loved this one most! :)

  6. Welcome Hemal! Pleasant surprise indeed! Thanks for your sweet response and wish too! Ya! We don't need to be beautiful from outside, inside beauty is the real beauty!

    And I have read your post on Beauty, loved it, mother is the most beautiful person of course, I loved your poem too!

  7. Very true, inner beauty is rel beauty.

  8. you are beautiful Mohini, your want is so unique. HE is sure to express himself in your eyes, smile or voice. and we are to cherish you through your wonderful divine expressions. you are a dzzling diamond. one i have seen in my life time. god bless.

  9. Thanks Animesh for beautiful thouht! 

  10. I have no words Sancheeta Didi! You are so sweet, sweetness flows in your every word! 

    "We are to cherish you through your wonderful divine expressions." Ya! I need you, really! Love you a lot! :)

  11. My take on beauty is here:)

  12. Nice Post mam !! and rightly pointed out...inner beauty is the main thing

  13. Oh my God ...such a spiritual form of beauty ... loved it :)

  14. Welcome Abhirup! Thanks a lot for your appreciation! Keep visiting! and do share your views too!

  15. Geeta di! Missed your presence from yesterday, I was waiting for your comment! Love you a lot!

  16. this is so lovely by someone Lovely like you....

    and unfortunately people now a days desperately look for Name...Fame, by any means and in turn forget about the real beauty  lying with in them self.

  17. Wish you luck, I agree with your views! :)

  18. Thanks a lot Irfanji! We missed your presence! It' s really a lovely thought! :)

  19. Mohini, what a beautiful prayer! Geeta is really very sweet, she has bought the best out of you! The last few lines are super! Keep it up, Well done :)

  20. Awesome post.. i really like ur intrusion in God's area!!
    God Bless u ma dear Chutki!!
    will call u someday!

  21. Hi Arti, sorry for the late, my net was disconnecting again and again. Geeta is really sweet sister. Thanks for all your lovely thoughts dear! Just wrote what heart said! :) love you!

  22. Hi Deepak! I am sorry dear, for replying late, my net was disconnecting again and again. 

    Such a sweet thought! 

    I am really blessed. 

    Love you dear! Take good care! :) 

  23. how cute Mohini.. I could sense your beautiful urge to god..  You are already a beautiful soul dear.. I know everyone of us have an ansh of god in us.. & you just plunged inside yourself to discover that very ansh of god in you through these words.. You almost put me in trance..
    hope you win too.. As of now, both you & Geeta are winners for me.. I know one thing more- the more articles I'll go through, the more winners I'll consider.. In fact each & every person is a winner because god is inside all of us.. & according to your logic each & every person then becomes beautiful.. Yes! Each & every person is the most beautiful person..

  24. Hi Monu! Welcome back!

    Sorry for the late reply, my net was not connected whole day! Missed your mesmerizing words! Your every word is so true.....everybody is winner and have ansh......of the God in them! And everybody is beautiful person. 

    And about trance, That's God's grace, He gave me the gift of these words! 

    Thanks for such a memorable thought on my blog. :) :) 

    I am very happy! :) 

    Geeta is really winner, I loved her poem so much!

  25. The real faith and devotion always brings happiness.I beleive so and I am sure you will be successful.By the way I love this word "pure".I don't think anything without purity.

  26. The real faith and devotion always brings happiness.I beleive so and I am sure you will be successful.By the way I love this word "pure".I don't think anything without purity. 
    Posted by Blogging Park to at May 31, 2011 10:32 PM

  27. This comment is posted by Blogging Park from Due to some problem it was not published, retrieved it back now and publishing.

    "The real faith and devotion always brings happiness.I beleive so and I am sure you will be successful.By the way I love this word "pure".I don't think anything without purity."
     Posted by Blogging Park to Gurukripa-Indian Culture 'N' Philosophy at  May 31, 2011 10:32 PM

  28. That was a heartfelt prayer. May God grant you your wish.

  29. Welcome Zephyrji! Thanks a lot for your sweet wishes......! :)