Love forever - 'Me' and 'He'

My life has dedicated a song of Love Forever to 'Me' and 'He'.

"Love is Lost in The Love with You - Mohini"

I said nothing and He Understood Everything
Neither I loved Him Nor He loved Me
We just fell in 'The Love'
Neither I promised Him
Nor He promised me
Life promised Us
'Love Forever'
Neither I proposed Him
Nor He proposed Me
Life planned for Us
'The Love Forever'
Neither I hate Him
Nor He hates Me
Sorrow hate Us
Neither I fight with Him
Nor He fights with Me,
Love fights with Sorrows and Worries
Neither I dreamt nor He dreamt
Life Dreamt for Us
'Love Forever'
'Love Forever'
Neither I hugged Him
Nor He hugged Me
It's The Love who has
Hugged Both of 'Us'
Neither I touched Him
Nor He touched Me
It's the Love Forever
Touched our Life. not lives.
Our life is a single
We are not two!
Neither I judge Him
Nor He judges Me
It's the Life
who has judged
'Love Forever'
For both of Us.
Neither I cry Nor He cries
It's the sorrows who cry
Coz they are not allowed to enter our Life.
Neither I miss Him ,
Nor He misses Me.
That're the tears who
Missing 'US'
Neither I met Him
Nor He met Me
It's the Love who met us
Never I searched Him,
Nor He searched Me,
It's The Love who
Has Found 'US'.
Neither He Changed Me
Nor I changed Him
Love has changed Our
Neither He wished Me
Nor I wished Him
It's the wish of Life
Love 'US' Forever
Neither I am Beautiful
Nor He is Handsome
It's the Life
Who make Our Love
I have closed my Eyes
He has closed His Eyes
It's the Love
Is Singing this Song.
We lost in 'The Love'


  1. Wow, Loved and lost in love.. Great thoughts.. here is a dedication, the cry of a mother - the lost world and how hurting it would be if you lost someone special in your life to have loved and lost

    Someone is Special

  2. This is one of the best poems that you have written till now... Especially loved that sorrow cries part!! Wow...
    Wish you have a Happy Holi:-)

  3. Hi Saravana! Thanks for such a beautiful thoughts.:) Happy you liked this one. I have read and faved your poems. They are so touching, not able to say anything. Wish you luck.

  4. Hi Arti! Happy Holi to you to dear! Thanks for such a beautiful thought. Really me too loved this one. How it came don't know. just wrote it! :)

  5. Mohinee ji, this was one of a kind. real gem.

  6. Namaste Pramodji! Thanks a lot for such a sweeet thought. Really Happy you felt this so precious. :)

  7. lovely....keep writing da..!!

  8. Just superb poem..what a poem yaar just simple yet so touching..

  9. Hi Anonymous! I can guess your name. Thanks for coming back here. Thanks for such a sweet thought. :)

  10. Hi Harshad! Thanks a lot for such a superb response. Very happy you liked this poem, thoughts from heart love to write. :)

  11. Thanks for your visit in my blog and your comment ! You have a very good blog ... keep writing ! Your poem is also quite good!

  12. Lovely! Great Flow. Amazing Rhythm. Awesome finish. Im definitely recommending this one to a few of my friends

  13. Hi Indranil! Welcome to this cultural blog. Thanks a lot for such a beautiful thought. :) Happy you liked this one.

  14. Hi Pranay! Welcome to my passion, my divine blog.Thank you so much for such a sweet response. Even I didn't think this much qualities this poem has, just wrote what heart said. I am really honored you feel this worth recommending. :)

  15. Thanks Deepak Sir for a great wish! Same to you! :)

  16. Promising Poets Parking Lot thank you so much for your appreciation about my presentation and wishes too. Every word of encouragement means a lot for me. I can't express it. And it's the great honor you invited me to join the rally. I have read the details. Will get back to you on this ! Thanks for "You rock" Damn Happpy :)

  17. Love yet not love..happy yet not happy..sad yet not sad..very unique..

    And indeed unsaid, forever

    To have loved and lost

  18. Hey Alcina! So sweet and beautiful words. Thanks dear! :)Really true, unsaid, untold, love forever.

  19. Those are such thoughtful words :)

  20. Hi BlogJunta! Great honor seeing you here! Thanks a lot visiting my mission and what to say for such a beautiful words! :) Happy to have such a great response.

  21. very nice, love forever concept is just too wonderful, probably it can be applied to the love that exists after arranged marriage indian style ! love happens after 2 people get married actually,

  22. Hi Sunil! Welcome to my cutural blog. Thanks for such a beautiful vision. I didn't have this thought in mind, but Ya! This applies to the love after the Arrenged Marriage ! So this is true to the concept of blog. Thanks a lot again, for making this post more perfect. :). Hope to have your support in future too.