Let me Speak with The God....

When The God speaks with me, then sometimes I  also want to speak with Him! Spiritually this is wrong . Who am I ? Everything is just The God , then who am I to speak with Him? The true love can never be defined . When we are in Love, are we in the condition to explain anything? Not even think anything. So there is no logic, why I am speaking with the God- The Parameshwar - The Shrirama or Shrikrishna today.

Sometimes we don't like all that things we do. Just want to live alone, but we can't leave our routine, but at the same time, our heart says."I want to live alone just with the God, nobody else!". Somethings in the world can not be shared with anybody, because sometimes we feel ......just to be silent and say nothing, just want to shed the tears....but no reason . Just want to close the eyes for no reason. Just want to go to Temple and see the God but don't want to ask for anything, because the heart says, 'I have run behind this world forgetting You O! My Love!  My Dearest God. I haven't got anything.......I want You now.' 'I know, I am selfish because......I never remembered You when I was with my friends. I didn't even find the time to just make a Pranama from heart once in many days...months. but now I need You. Because I love You. Why ? I get the meaning of Your love when the illusion of worldly feelings and love vanishes from my eyes....then what I see .....noting is real in this world...This must be the Maya. I don't know what is Maya.....But this illusion must be Maya. And why am I so selfish? You know that! You never leave me alone.....Then, I am secured always. But ya! I am always worried for the worldly matters and people who are changing every second. So, I always make fruitless effort to keep all this with me......which is not at all mine. But when everything vanishes I just remember You and Your love. This is selfishness or whatever, I don't mind , I don't regret, because where the child will go? Child needs only mother.!  So I just come to meet you again. I know You will not get angry with me. i am not gonna change coz it's Your department and job to change me and just take the 'Me' and make me pure with Your Love.'

So I am back again......now I want to say You...and the world too....

Let me be with The God,
Let me tell why I am Sad,
Let me be with The God,
Let me fill my heart
 With the Love Again
Let me express
 All the pains once Again
Let me sing the song of Love
Again and Again
Let my tears roll in Love 
Once Again
Let me Share the Love 
when I met You!
Let me say Goodbye 
to the fights with You!
Let me tell the truth of our Love
Let me fail to control 
The flow of Love Today.
Let me express all That 
Never Said!
Let me Express The Love 
Always Said! 
World may not understand This
but I can't stop myself Today.
Let me show the Dreams 
Coming true for You.
Let me tell, You are The Dream
The Real True. 
Yes You! The Real True!
Let me search The God Again
I don't want to lose You Again. 
I feel You once Again,
I miss You once Again.


  1. WoW!!
    Super like this post :)
    This usually happens with most of us...We forget the God and starts loving this illusion world and it's fake beauty!
    But when after we realize that this world is so mean then finally we go back to The God:)

    Liked the poem :)
    Keep Writing Dear :)
    Take care!!

  2. So very well written Mohinee...
    Child only needs his mother... Beautiful!
    The words flow from the heart in the poem, loved every word of it!
    Have a great week:)

  3. It is great feeing to go so deep inside and feel the bliss-few blessed do it.Lovely!

  4. a beautiful poem.. written with tears at times I felt. loved it.


  5. speeechless, wonderfully put the heart before the lord.

  6. I am extremely sorry friends, I couldn't reply your beautiful thoughts. My health and net connection both had problems so I couldn't reply. Though I was reading them.

    Also this song has made me speechless, so couldn't say anything.