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27 November 2014

Poem: Thank You for Being My Friend

Today the United States is celebrating Thanksgiving Day. We always say, ‘Count your blessings’ and I think, we can really realize those blessings if we start expressing gratitude.

So….today’s poem is my gratitude for a ‘friend’! :-) 

Poster: Thank You So Much For Being My Friend!

thanks for being my
wonderful friend
thanks for being
my soulmate
thanks for being
my heartbeat
thanks for being
patient listener to all my pains
thanks for making
me courageous
thanks for making
me so special
thanks for
inspiring me
when I forgot myself
thanks for
telling me about ‘me’
thanks for
making me smile
thanks for making  me
feel so beautiful
about myself
that’s because of you
thanks for
giving me a reason to live
thanks for
showing me how to love
thanks for
showing me the ‘love’
thanks for
being my friend


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