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28 November 2011

The Motivational Words

Motivation always makes us write or more and more and gives energy to reach our goal, especially when we feel defeated.

Sometimes I feel sad, when many of my deep and important articles are ignored. Sometimes my views are misinterpreted too. This happens because they do not read everything or read with prejudiced opinions. Patience and logical thinking is required to understand the views with different angles. Before and after publishing I read every article again and again, take utmost care to write unbiased, with facts. Still if such misinterpretations happen, I feel where am I going wrong, should I write or shouldn’t?  Answer to all my questions,
Some Motivational Golden Words by my brother Dnyanesh to write more and more, 

“Blogging and writing is the golden opportunity for you. Don't worry about the appreciation or reactions. You are worshiping The God by this means, as you have said your blog as Chaitanyapuja (Worship of Chaitanya). When you worshiping The God will you pay attention on whether people like Worship or not? It is really nice if more and more people join with you. But you shouldn’t worship to get appreciation. Dedicate everything to The God.

Keep writing with devotion, in more and more languages…”


  1.  I too subscribe to the view of your dear brother. Keep writing notwithstanding how people react.

  2. Dear P. N. Subramanian Sir, welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for your encouraging thought here. I am really happy to see you here.

  3. I fully appreciate you and your brother's thoughts.No doubt writing is worship.One should devote his whole attention and try to present the best while writing.Thanks for the nice presentation.
     You are most welcome on my blog.

  4. Dear Shubhalabhji, Welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for your beautiful words here.

  5. Dnyanesh is absolutely right. Just write and freely express your views expressions & thoughts without fear or reservation. Others may agree disagree question or debate. That is healthy feedback which should  motivate you to hone & improve your expressions/writing skills.

  6. Dear Ramakrishnan Sir, Thank you so much for your motivating thoughts. By healthy feedback I understand how to express my views by more comprehensive way. Thanks again.

  7. indeed! keep writing!!

  8. Thanks Deepak Sir. Welcome Back after a long time.


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