Poem: The Delusion of Democracy

Corruption and power have seemed to become two sides of the same coin. We, the common people, get the chance to feel like a super powerful person, once in five years. We feel proud for getting inked. However, later what we have to see is perhaps the delusion of democracy. A poem dedicated to the delusion of democracy. This poem is on a self-thought prompt 'delusion.'

The delusion of democracy:
Where innocents are victims
And culprits enjoy the power

The delusion of democracy:

Where a weaker innocent is forced
To dance to the next authority's tunes

The delusion of democracy: 
Where positions come with the benefits of power,

But without the sense of responsibility

The delusion of democracy:

Where ugly poverty can be covered 
By the beautiful decoration of celebrations

The delusion of democracy:

Where what matters most is just the power
But not the people who give the power 

Misuse of power is so common that anybody having smallest authority can take benefit of it for personal gains. Corruption is from top to bottom, everywhere. We can't blame only politicians. 

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