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26 December 2015

Micropoems: Precious Gift of Words

Writing isn't just the art of choosing the right words at appropriate places, but also it's in recognizing the point at which and the places or people where we should not use our expressive heartfelt words at all. Some micropoems on the precious gifts of words...

Words are a precious gift
Gifting them to cold hearts
Crushing own heart
In return!


Write what heart says
When heart says
The art of poetry
Not for pleasing the world
It's the gift
For the peace of heart


A Wise solution
Where brains
Fail to understand
Words of heart


Precious Words
For the undeserving
They'll make you regret


Precious Words
For kind shining golden hearts
For the shining light of
Love and Wisdom


Days and nights,
Past and future,
Pains and wounds,
In the love of Poems

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